Sunday Blessings {Link-Up}

This week has tuckered me out! I'm scraping together just enough energy to count my blessings today, but believe me, they're there.

(Bee)autiful Blessings


You may remember me talking about how I recently withdrew from grad school in order to chip away at my mountain of student loan debt, here. The only way, in fact, that I can begin to pay my debt off, is by obtaining a second job. Which as of, Friday, I have done. 

Working as a minimum-wage paid cashier at a nearby grocery store is not exactly what I was hoping for. But after I had some recently unemployed friends remind me how fortunate I am to have not one, but two jobs, I promptly zipped my lips and began thanking God for this opportunity.

tech fun

As I drove to work on Friday, already in a less-than-favorable mood, I noticed my Blackberry was getting really hot. When I tried to unplug it from the car charger, the screen went black and life as I knew it had ended.

In actuality, it wasn't all bad. Hubby has been due for an upgrade so I stole his and got myself a fancy schmancy Droid. I know I'm like 2 years behind, but seriously, how awesome are Instagram and Draw Something?!


Chuck and I really struggle some days with being so far away from our friends and family. We constantly have to remind ourselves to stop counting down the days when can move back "home" and remember that for now, Pittsburgh IS our home. There are difficult days, but I'm also so incredibly thankful that we have this time to adjust to married life and build our family without distraction.

blog love

Seriously, to the ladies that commented on my last post. You all are amazing. I'm so humbled by the outpouring of love and encouragement I've received recently, it just blows my mind. I've really started to be more intentional about writing for me, and sticking to what's on my heart, rather than posting silly, superficial things that I think people want to see. The response to my honest thoughts has been overwhelming and I'm just so stinkin' happy to have found such wonderful people through the blogging community.

tis the season

Can you believe Thanksgiving is here already?! Holy cow! We're leaving Wednesday after work for a few days spent with Chuck's family in Ohio. It's going to be an activity-filled weekend with a Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Dinner and Family Christmas photos, but I'm so ready for it to be here.

And because I'm a freak about Christmas, we kicked off our Christmas-movie-watching of the season with Elf yesterday and decorated the tree a few nights ago!

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We're still in dire need of some more decorations, but I figure with 50+ years of marriage ahead of us, we'll find the time :)

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  1. Yes, I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week, so exciting. I know what you mean about being far from family. I live way across country from mine :( Thanks for sharing your blessings, reading your note reminded me of mine.
    Abi K

  2. Happy American Thanksgiving Kaity :) I love reading about all the things you are grateful for every Sunday. It makes me see other things in my life for which I am grateful! It's so nice to have this link-up to look forward to and keep me "on track" with my gratefulness hehe :)

    I was reading your other post too about your and your husband's challenges with the big move and being away from family. That must be hard for all of you. Change is hard sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. And don't you find that the only constant thing in life is change? Like we always need to be ready for it, even if we aren't. I can imagine how hard that is to be away from all that you know, your friends, and your family. My heart goes out to you because that can't be easy. I will say a special prayer for you and hope that you find comfort soon. It is beautiful to read all that you are grateful for even though you are going through such a challenge. It's inspiring actually. You can do it girl!! You radiate strength and determination.

  3. my heart is stressed about the husbands school debt, wish there was another way to get that down faster.