Foodie Friday: Sexy Food [Part One]

Because the days of my food blog, Sustainably Kaity, will soon be coming to an end, I thought I would make Fridays my "Foodie Friday" days where I could reflect back on my short-lived career as a food blogger.

This post was originally published March 25, 2012.

In the midst of post-Spring Break research paper-writing hell, I am finding joy in small things. As much as trying to cram 25 pages worth of last-minute researching and writing can suck the life out of you, the fact is, writing a paper about the relationship between sex and food is awesome.


Here are some of the fun facts I've stumbled upon throughout my research thus far.
1. Flavor is linked to color
In colorless taste tests, participants had trouble determining common flavors without the aid of visual cues (i.e. Purple=grape, Red=cherry).
2. It has been found that a passion for food may translate into...other areas. 
Apparently, chefs make excellent lovers. Time to get our hubbies in the kitchen! ;)

3. Obesity may be a sign of sexual difficulty/dysfunction. 
Often times, people will substitute food for sex.
4. The way in which a person eats, may indicate their potential in the bedroom. 
Someone who races through a meal may not be a great second-date candidate.
5. Certain smells increase blood flow to the penis. 
Researchers were surprised to find that the most effective scent was...pumpkin pie!

It's fascinating how inextricably linked food and sex are and it is unsurprising that someone who seeks pleasure and passion out of life would be able to make such a connection.
Be sure to stay tuned for more fun tidbits as my research continues to take shape and as I take things into my own hands with some aphrodisiac recipes. Things could get spicy around here!
(Side note: This was such a fun paper to write and definitely had me thinking differently about the dessert options this Thanksgiving week ;)


  1. Pumkin pie eh? hehehe....maybe I'll bake us a pie this weekend!

    What interesting facts that I didn't even know. Although the colour and taste makes a lot of sense. And I was translating a text last month for one of my classes and it was about food on British Airways, how they experimented and realized just that about food, color and taste. Very interesting.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your food Fridays. Food is one of my hobbies/passion. Love to cook!

  2. Good thing we have lots of pumpkin pie left over from Thanksgiving... HA!