Wedding Recap: Friday the 31st

Our wedding weekend was kicked off when we left Pittsburgh Thursday evening after work and made our way to Wilmington, Ohio (Chuck's hometown and site of our wedding festivities).

The sun was shining, our bellies were full of gross fast food and we were ready to kick off our whirlwind weekend. When we got to Chuck's parents house we were greeted by tons of family friends all there to begin the celebrations. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the faces so I headed inside to assemble my Bridesmaid's gift bags.

Since our wedding theme was rainbow colors, I tried to stick to that theme with every detail. I made each of the girls a custom "Bridesmaid" tank and then filled their bags with a coordinating nail polish, chocolates and a small color-coordinated gift like a candle or loofah. 

Afterward, we drank some, chatted some and then I made my way over to a couple of our groomsmens' house to crash for the night.

Friday morning, I woke Chuck up bright and early because we had to get our marriage license. We didn't have another opportunity before the wedding to go to Wilmington to get it within 60 days of our wedding so Friday was our only opportunity. Despite the fact that we waited until the last minute and the lady who helped us couldn't seem to spell my name right (who spells "Michelle" like "Mischell?") we got it and headed over to our favorite local coffee joint to get some caffeine in our sleepy bodies.

South Street Coffee House is the best! Our last iced coffees as single folks :) When we got back home, I made good on my promise to cut Chuck's hair before the big day and then headed to my waxing appointment.

I'd never gotten waxed before and was a little nervous about the pain. It did hurt, but it was only for about 5 seconds. Getting tattooed was definitely worse. Plus, it lasted throughout my entire honeymoon. I didn't have to shave the entire time we were in Jamaica! So worth it!

After my appointment, I spent some time with my soon-to-be family as my new sister-in-law had the finishing touches put on her bridesmaid dress and then returned to Chuck's parent's house to try and take a nap. After admitting defeat (too many jitters!), I packed up my car, ran some last minute wedding errands and then headed to the Dayton airport to pick up my best friend/bridesmaid, Whitney who flew in from San Diego and then we both made our way to Columbus to get ready for my Bachelorette Party that night!

It was a tiring day, but exciting and my Bachelorette Party was one for the books. 

Look out for my "fling before the ring" recap on Saturday!

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  1. UGH!!! Now I'm going to have to head out to get an iced coffee! I can't wait to hear more!