Wedding Recap: Bachelorette Party

As you may recall, I wrote about the Friday before our wedding, leading up to my pin-up themed Bachelorette Party here.

After I picked Whitney up from the airport, we made our way to the Doubletree Hotel in Columbus, OH where my bridesmaids and I had a suite for the night. My mom and sister had gotten there earlier in the day to decorate and every detail looked amazing! 

The party favors that my Mommy and sister made had little hangover treats like Vitamin Water and face wipes, as well as little compact mirrors with pin-up girls on them. The best part was the gift bags had a picture of me in my pin-up Halloween costume from a few years ago on the front. They decorated the counter with vintage-y Coca Cola glasses and had cookies with vintage pin-up girls on them.

Once Whitney and I got there, we immediately started getting dolled up for our dinner reservation at the Park Street Cantina. 

All my girls were such good sports and definitely rose to the occasion in their pin-up inspired outfits. Afterward, I gave my ladies the gift bags I had made for them the previous evening.

After they opened their presents, I opened mine!

My sister made reservations at this fun Mexican restaurant/bar several blocks from our hotel. When we got there, they had no record of our reservation and were super annoying about getting us a table. But when we finally got things straightened away, we ordered our food and I was given a complimentary 60 oz margarita. Yumm!

After we finished our dinner, one of my friends who lives in Columbus showed us to our next stop: Union Cafe. A place where the men are well-groomed and there's no line for the ladies room. AKA: The best gay bar I've been to.

We had some drinks.

Took numerous pictures.

Danced to amazing 90's hits.

Admired some good looking [gay] men.

And had an altogether amazing time.

At the last minute we decided to "bar hop" as we had intended to do before stumbling upon the Union Cafe and landed at an unknown bar we affectionately called the "Hetero Bar" about 15 minutes before closing time.

As the bar closed down, we obnoxiously belted out "Closing Time" and slowly but surely made our way back to the hotel for one last picture (but not before making more friends and running through some sprinklers!)

Not only was it an amazing night with my best friends in the world- who were all meeting for the first time, but the best part was- NO HANGOVER IN THE MORNING!!!

Be sure to be on the lookout for Rehearsal Day coming up next!


  1. hahah I love itt! I'm sooo looking forward to my last fling before the ring partayyy :) <3 you!

  2. love the gifts!! and that margarita looks amazing!