I Blog For Me

With giveaways, memes and link-ups abundant, it becomes easier and easier to lose sight of why this blog exists. When I created it three years ago it was merely a place for me to share my travel stories with friends and family stateside. I was not thinking about who would guest post in my absence or what my stats would be. I was in the midst of a cross-cultural adventure and wanted to have a means of remembering every moment of it.

My fellow Americans and I praying on the success of the Ugandan internet. (I'm in the middle on the couch)
As time elapsed and Uganda was something of a distant memory, my blog became the place for me to rant & rave, to share my joys and triumphs but mostly just to record this crazy, beautiful roller-coaster of a life I lead. 

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. My Grandma would give us "assignments" that we would half-grumble about because you're not supposed to have homework in the summertime! But the truth was, I lived for the poems about Cape May, the things I loved about my family and the everyday musings of a prepubescent child. 

There's something about writing that has always made me feel significant; like my life was worth documenting. Blogging was the means by which I could share my significance with those who could relate to it, or who could maybe even be inspired by it.

Although this blog is anything but consistent and my posts can range in topic from recipes, relationship tales and bucket list accomplishments, at the end of the day there is one thing that can be said about my blog.

I blog for me.


  1. I can definitely relate! Very nice post!

  2. Your blog is wonderful and authentic! And your grandma sounds amazing! Reading this makes me want to be that kind of grandma someday!