A "Boda Boda" Wiped Out in Front of me Today on my Way to School...

Yeah, as the title suggests, Africa is full of all kinds of dangers! It was scary though. I think the driver may have actually swerved to avoid hitting me and the roads were a complete mess because it rained all morning, so it ended badly. Thankfully, I don't think he was hurt, and clearly, neither was I. I have to say- I'm loving my homestay, but I won't miss the walks to and from campus! The other day, I was almost impaled by the side mirror of a matutu which is an 18-passenger van that is the African equivalent of a taxi. Scary stuff!

So, to re-cap my weekend: Friday night I presented the kids with Candyland. It was quite eventful. They're all pretty young, so didn't really understand the concept of the game, but were able to amuse themselves simply by grabbing the playing pieces out of each others hands. When I went to take a picture, chaos ensued. They immediately abandoned Candyland and were all over me trying to play with my camera. Therefore, you will notice a lack of pictures.

Saturday, I spent some time talking to Resti. She showed me her family's photo albums and explained to me which children belong to whom because I was seriously confused. Mildred (6), Moses (2) and Marjorie (7 mos) are all hers. Isaac (3) is the son of one of the girls who helps around the house, Gret. Vivienne (2) is the daughter of Resti's sister Pross (sp?). Andrew (10) is the son of Resti's husband. Apparently, his mom completely abandoned him, so Resti took him in. I also learned that Resti and the kids are living with Mama and Papa while a house for Resti and her husband is being built. Resti's been married for 7 years, but her husband is rarely around because he's a businessman and he's constantly traveling. After, I watched the kids for a little bit while all the ladies cooked and did things outside. Resti's sister, Betty also came to visit me with her two sons, Arthur (7) and Mark (1 mo). Before I went to bed, I actually got to talk to Mama for a minute or two. She speaks very little English, so communication isn't easy. But she told me she really loves my hair.

Sunday morning was Church in the house again. I spoke to the Reverend after we were through for a little bit, just about the differences between African and American services. After, I vowed that I wanted to start praying, worshipping and praising God like a Ugandan. Sunday afternoon, I spent most of the time doing reading for school in my room, but I made an appearance at about 8 pm and played with all the kids. They love to play Patty-Cake and I love to snatch them up and tickle them. We had dinner around 9:30 which was super good. My favorite dish sounds really nasty in description, but it's so yummy. It's cabbage, onion and tomato all fried in cooking oil. It's super good, and Mama knows I like it so she gives it to me often.

Today is a public holiday, known as Heroes Day, which celebrates the current President's rise to power in 1986. All my classes were cancelled except for the main USP course, Faith and Action. I usually leave for school around 7:30 am, but it was raining so hard outside that I didn't end up leaving until about 10:15 because my class wasn't until 11. Oh, and just a side note, I've decided that rain on a tin roof is one of my favorite sounds in the world.

I guess that brings everyone up to date. I've got lots due tomorrow, so I should probably get on that. I'm including a couple pictures at the end, just a forewarning- I look awful!

This is Vivienne!

L to R: Isaac, Vivienne, Mildred and Moses

Ugandan Observations:

  1. Ugandans often speaking in the 3rd person when referring to themselves.
  2. No one drinks anything with meals.
  3. Uganda has turned me into an avid tea-drinker! I drink it at least twice a day- it's so good here!
  4. Kneeling is a sign of respect in most families, thankfully my family doesn't make me do it, because I think I'd have a big problem with the whole submission thing...
  5. Not directly Uganda-related, but I've started having those wierd dreams from my malaria medication. Almost nightmares. I decided Doxy Dreams would be such a cool band name! Don't ask. But no one better take it- I thought of it first!


  1. One look at those gorgeous babies, makes me want to be a grandma!

  2. ^ uh oh your mom is ready to be a grandma. I guess you better get married quick!! lol!!
    Those kids are super cute though!! I can totally see you trying to bring one home!! lol!!
    Almost being hit by a side mirror of a van is not only something that could happen to you in Africa you could face this same tragedy right on Easterns campus cuz those security guards will get you with their vans!! This is taken directly from last Waltonian security report: "Wed. Dec 3 7:37pm - Security officer in van struck pedestrian with side mirror. Slight injury."
    ha ha ha!! Gotta love those security reports!!

  3. awwww I want you to be bring home an African child, because i want to be an aunt!!!! They are sooooo cute kaity!!!!