I Must Be Getting Used to Uganda

...because I'm finding myself having less and less to report!

I think the only new things worth discussing are things that no one really cares to hear, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

The one little perk of my day was going for a run around the track. I haven't run in a long time, so yay for having motivation! It kind of made me feel not so hot after though, because I hadn't eaten lunch and running on an empty stomach wasn't the wisest idea I've ever had. I was feeling pretty funky the rest of the day, but I eventually wandered home and stayed in my room most of the night because Tuesdays are my crazy days when everything is due.

After I did all the reading I had with me, I waited for dinner to be served, which to my frustration wasn't until 10:00 pm, and by that time I was ready for bed! I ate dinner (all of it! yay!) but I made myself sick once again, because my body does not like to be that full, especially that late at night. So I laid in bed and tried to get some sleep over the sound of my family talking, singing and praying. For some reason, I couldn't sleep and then I started thinking about a story one of the guys in USP told earlier about how he had shared his sleeping bag with a cockroach the night before. Ew!

Coincidentally, right after I freaked myself out thinking about that, I felt something moving around my head. I reached for my flashlight and it scurried away. The rest of the night I heard it moving around the house and squeaking and such. Yeah, I later figured out, I had shared my sleeping quarters with a rat. Lucky me! I was wide awake after that little incident and kept my flashlight on as a nightlight because I was expecting to be covered in rats the rest of the night.

I finally managed to fall asleep for about an hour then the rain came. Oh, the rain. I could describe it to you, but you'd probably assume I was exaggerating when I say it sounded like I was standing under a waterfall. It was insane! It came in through these little decorative holes in the wall of my room and completely soaked my bed. I managed to fall asleep in my little freezing cold puddle, and then groggily awoke at 7 am.

All this, but I had a pretty good day. I won't go into detail but I had an awesome God moment last night so that made me happy. I've got to get going now, almost time to leave for my homestay again. Hopefully, I'll get moderate food portions and a lot of sleep! Love you all!


  1. Hey!!!! you must eat!! no making your self sick!!! lol. and ew a rat!!!!! hahaha I'm glad for your God moment, i'm sure you'll be having a few more of them while your there :)

  2. Kaity,
    Please stop being bulimic because stomach acid will make ur teeth rot out and then u will be toothless. And I know u do not want that!!! Instead of throwing up I suggest giving your extra food to a monkey. And also since when r u ready to go to bed at 10pm?!?!? The Kaity I remember stayed up till like 3am all the time!! Love u!!!

  3. So...it's weird because I keep hearing all of your stories from Kenny before I actually read them....although he exagerated the rat situation a lot...apparently the rat crawled across your lap and was actually in the bed under the blankets with you and you spent the whole night crying....lol

  4. I didn't throw up! I just stuff myself to the point of wanting to puke every night! haha