Chuck and I are not good at anniversaries. Granted, we've been pregnant or encumbered with small children for the majority of them, but yeah, we're pretty pathetic. We don't do gifts, cards only happen if we remember a week in advance, and whatever date night we happen to go on is generally planned at the eleventh hour.

However, we have one tradition that we've kept every single year- our anniversary pictures. I'm a documenter by nature (shocking, I know), so pictures are kind of one of my love languages. Chuck was apathetic at first, but now I think he's really grown to appreciate them over time as he watches our family change before our eyes.

This year, when Tina Ruble Photography announced her September mini-session, it seemed too perfect to pass up. Tina also did Charlie's "newborn" photos (he was a month old by that point) and the boys' Easter photos last year. I've recommended her to sooo many of my friends because she truly has a gift. Our boys were especially uncooperative and grumpy this time around, and somehow our pictures still turned out amazing.

Before I do my little reveal, I thought it would be fun to travel back in time and look at our old anniversary pictures throughout the years:


I love that I thought to start this little tradition our first newlywed year. These pictures are especially meaningful because they capture our first married year together- child-free and livin' on love in the big city of Pittsburgh. We were broke and worked our butts off, but we built a really solid foundation by only having each other to rely on. | P/C: Amy Dugan Photography


These are probably my least favorite photos because I was 5 months pregnant with Charlie and just look chubby, but not quite pregnant yet. This was the year we moved back to Chuck's hometown in Ohio. | P/C Byrd Photography


This was another really special year. We got to take our 3rd anniversary pictures just a few days after we closed on our very first home together. We had our friend Dani take all of our photos in and around our first house before we moved in and they're so stinkin' special to us now. | P/C Byrd Photography


My sweet friend Rachel agreed to take our anniversary/newborn photos just two weeks after Crosby joined our family. I was postpartum and sleep-deprived, and it shows, but these photos are so dear to me because you can visually see my body evolving as I brought my babies into the world. | P/C Rachel King

Year Five: The year I was finally done having babies! My sister-in-love got herself a camera and started experimenting with photography. She graciously took the time to not only take our pictures, but also do my hair and makeup. I couldn't believe how good the photos turned out for an amateur photographer. She has such a natural talent.

Which brings us to year six...


Honestly, these are probably my favorite photos to-date. Not just from a quality standpoint, but also because I feel like we've really settled into ourselves and into our marriage- and it shows! The past year was no joke. Adjusting to being a family of four, as well as being a one-income family definitely took a toll on our relationship at times. But, as the stormy times often do, they led us to a really good place.

In year six, we are more committed to each other and working as a team than ever. This was the year where I really learned how to shift my thinking from "me" to "we" and start thinking of our future in terms of "us" rather than my own selfish interests. We still have some hurdles to overcome, but we feel confident in the fact that we have each other's backs forever and always, no matter what life throws at us.

And with my corny ode over, here's the rest of my ornery, adorable family:

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