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Guys, it has been a minute.

When last I updated on life lately, I had just started at my new job, I had just enrolled Charlie in preschool, and I was training nonstop for my first half marathon. Well, let me tell you- a lot has happened and a lot has changed since that post three months ago. So, how about I catch you all up to speed?

I love, love, love it! I can't believe it's taken me approximately the last decade (AKA all of my adult life) to figure out that I wanted to work in finance. Because I freaking love it. I have the perfect balance of autonomy in establishing my to-do list and day-to-day activities while still feeling completely supported by my awesome team whenever I have questions. The office dynamic was pretty different than anything I've experienced before for a number of reasons, but it's grown on me and I'm picturing myself in this world for a long time to come.

I'm definitely happy to be working again. It was the right time for me to leave the stay-at-home Mom life behind, but working motherhood obviously has its own set of challenges. I just don't have enough hours in the day, plain and simple. It also doesn't help that when I accepted my new position, I stayed on in my part-time role because I was the only person who could do it. So I've been working a full-time job, a part-time job, studying for a licensing exam, and trying to raise babies in between. I'm incredibly happy during this season, but I'm also constantly overwhelmed because I feel like I'm always behind on something.

I'm really upset that this is one of those things that I just couldn't keep up during this busy time. I was seriously doing so well with my training running a few times per week and getting 8-10 mile runs in on the weekends. I signed up for my first half marathon in July and was so excited to finally cross it off my list. Then something outside of my control happened and I was no longer able run it. Fortunately, I didn't lose my deposit (thank goodness because those races are not cheap!), and I was able to just defer it until next year. But yeah, running has not been happening and I've got an extra few pounds around my middle to show for it.

On the plus side, my new office building has a Crunch fitness in it so I signed up for a membership two weeks ago. After my initial training session, I've only made it in once to exercise in that time, but I'm hopefully that I can get into some kind of morning exercise regimen, even if it's just 30 minutes a day.

Last month, my Mom had the boys spend a few days up at her house in Upstate New York. She is such a fun Grandma and jam-packed sooo many fun activities into just two days. The boys had a blast and although Chuck and I both had to work, I managed to paint our bedroom while they were away. I can never paint unless the boys are gone, so I was happy to finally get another room in our house checked off my list. I need to get some hardware and a few picture frames, but then the room is done and I can't wait to show it off here!

Our 6th wedding anniversary came and went on September 2 with nary a love letter on this blog to show for it. So unlike me. We made a super quick trip down to Louisville over Labor Day weekend. I got a good price on a hotel through work, so it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. We didn't have much time to do the touristy things, so we plan to return in the future. But we had a night of good food, good laughs, and of course, lots of good bourbon.

*TMI Alert: I recently made the decision to make the switch to a more effective and reliable form of birth control. We're not remotely in a place where we'd want to have a third child, and we're comfortable with the idea of remaining a two-child family. I've been feeling a particular kind of grief and finality as some of my close friends have babies of their own. I didn't even enjoy pregnancy, but I feel a little melancholy that I'll never experience the excitement of a new baby again, or those precious newborn snuggles. If I'm being honest, I'm also a little sad that I'll never get to experience having a daughter.

Charlie started preschool this month! He goes for two hours, two days per week. Since they land smack dab in the middle of the work day, we're fortunate that Chuck's Dad drops him off and picks him up for us. (Otherwise, I have no idea how we would do it. How DO other working families do preschool?!) He's never able to give me much detail about what he does during the day and can't seem to remember any of the names of his friends, but he loves going and has a blast, so I think we're doing alright.

I look forward to family pictures more than is probably acceptable. Perhaps it's because I'm destined to a life of always being behind the camera, so I treasure nice pictures that actually have me in them. I also just love holidays and milestones. Chuck and I are terrible about making anniversary plans and getting each other gifts. So the fact that we've taken anniversary pictures every year feels like a pretty solid achievement. We've gone to Tina Ruble Photography a few times now for her mini sessions and every single year, she blows me away. The boys were pretty much on their worst behavior and she still managed to deliver the most beautiful images. I can't wait to show off the pictures from our session!

I know I'm not exactly in the minority here, but gah- is it fall yet?! I already dug out my Halloween decor last weekend and we're those neighbors on our block. I'm also really looking forward to a slowdown in the Farmers' Market. (Have I mentioned that yet?) I want hay rides, and cool weather, and all the boots, leggings and scarves!!

And speaking of things I'm looking forward to...our vacation in Cape May is just two months away and I can't. stinkin'. wait. My Mom, sister and my family are all renting a house together as a "Pre-Thanksgiving" celebration in our favorite place in the world. This vacation is soooo needed.

I think that about covers it! So thankful to finally get caught up. I hate that I haven't had the time to keep this little blog updated.

So tell me, what's new with you?!

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