CROSBY | 18 Months

This week, my Crosby is 18 months old. That perfect age between baby and toddler. Which pretty much describes Crosby to a "T." He is the cuddliest of babies and the orneriest of toddlers all wrapped up into one delicious little package.


Although my Crosby is still the sweet and affectionate little man we've all grown to love, this month the toddler in him came out full-force. I don't know if it's teething, sleep regression, or maybe a growth spurt, but this kid has opinions. He is definitely used to getting his way and will make it known when he is not pleased about something. He gets trampled by his big brother frequently, but he also will get a little hit in every once in awhile. He can hold his own, for sure. Haha!

This month he started getting really upset when I arrive to pick him up from daycare. Admittedly, it's a little heartbreaking, but I love that he has so much fun with the big kids that he doesn't want to leave!

He's still a good eater and a good sleeper. He doesn't love being in his booster chair, though. He's definitely picked up Charlie's bad habit of not wanting to eat at the "big table" as a family.

At his 15-month check-in, he still wasn't walking. I am happy to say that as of 16 months, my baby boy is a little toddling machine. He loves being "chased" and will get into everything he knows he's not supposed to just to make a little game out of it. Such a stinker.

He's also talking more and more. His two most common phrases are "ma" which means "more." He says this whenever he wants something. He also says "ah-gah" all the time which means both "all gone" and "all done." His vocabulary is still pretty limited, but he understands everything we say and ask him.

Crosby's 18-month doctor's appointment isn't until the end of month so I don't have his exact measurements. Our bathroom scale says he weighs somewhere around 22 lbs. He's still wearing size 4 diapers and is in primarily 18-month clothing with a few of Charlie's 2T hand-me-downs sprinkled in.

And what milestone post would be complete without a photo dump of the last month in the life of our Crosby Loren?

> > >

Crosby has definitely been a handful, but I just love watching the relationship between my boys blossom as they become best friends. This month kind of solidified our decision to stick with two kids. We're pretty darn busy and overjoyed with the ones we've got! (See Crosby's Birth Story15 Months and Charlie's 18-Month posts).

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