CROSBY | 15 Months

My Crosby Loren is a toddler, folks. And damn, I just love this age. He's pretty much smiling 24/7, he's learning to communicate, and figuring out how things work. He's just an all-around blast and I adore watching the relationship between Charlie and him blossom. My sister is still my best friend in the world and it is my most heartfelt prayer that my boys will have that same close relationship.


I started writing about my current work/life balance and what I'm doing to supplement our family's income. It got so long that I decided it garnered its own post. In case you missed it, read about working motherhood and where I'm at now.

We are officially done!

I started by weaning him to just bedtime and first thing in the morning. Then after I'd been sick for awhile, I decided one night around the 14.5-month mark that I just didn't feel like it and it was time. That sounds selfish and horrible, but his sitter and Daddy had been putting him down for naps and bedtime without nursing, so I knew he'd be fine. I'm thankful not to have the pressure of nursing anymore and having some of my freedom back. A couple weekends ago, my friend held a weekend-long Harry Potter marathon and I was able to attend most of it flying solo while Daddy graciously watched our little monsters. It was soooo amazing and I felt completely rested and rejuvenated having some extended kid-free time.

As for Crosby...

Life is just the best with this sweet little man. He and Charlie are now able to play together more and more which is so nice for my tired Mama self. He loves to drum (like his Daddy!) and is happy just to participate in whatever Charlie happens to be playing with. He's still a great eater. Eggs are pretty much the only thing he isn't crazy about. He loves people, but Mama is his favorite. He's started to get a little more clingy now that he knows when Mom is leaving him.

He becomes more and more like his Dad, both in looks and in personality, the older he gets and we're starting to see just what a smart cookie he is! He's very observant and just loves to be affectionate. He has the best temperament and everyone who's around him comments on how "chill" he is. He's just a happy little guy!

He's chatting like crazy and has developed more of a vocabulary in the last 3 months. He now says "yeah," "uh oh" any time he drops something, "Mama," and just some general babbling. As of now he still isn't walking, but he's getting really close. He gets around well holding onto furniture and has successfully tried out his brother's hand-me-down walker! Truthfully, I'm in no hurry. I can barely keep up with these boys as it is!

He's gotten quite a few more teeth and his hair is finally coming in.

Crosby's 15-month doctor's appointment isn't until the end of month so that I could line it up with Charlie's 3-year appointment. Our bathroom scale says he weights 20 lbs. He's still wearing size 4 diapers and is in primarily 18-month clothing.

(What it's actually like photographing a 15-month old):

> > >

It's so exciting to watch his progress every day. I can't wait to hear this little one continue to develop his vocabulary. As for the walking, I can wait a little longer for that. I can't imagine what life will be like when I have TWO toddlers to run after in the parking lot! (See Crosby's Birth Story1 Month, and 12 Months posts).

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