CROSBY | 12 Months

Somehow, someway, our littlest soul is now a year old. Although, I already wrote his birthday letter and we celebrated his 1st Birthday Party, I'd be remiss if I didn't post his 12-month milestones. It's my right as his Mama Bear!


The big change this month was that the boys went from being watched by a babysitter in our home to being dropped off at an at-home daycare. For all my worries as to how they would adjust, the boys have completely exceeded my expectations. There are tears at drop-offs, but that's no real surprise. However, when I pick them up in the afternoon they are so dang happy. They have other kids to play with and I feel so comfortable knowing they have the full attention of someone rather than being stuck in front of a TV by their overworked Mommy.

My goal was always to make it to a year breastfeeding Crosby. Now that we're there, I'm fully ready to be done, but I'm not so sure that Crosby is. We've introduced cow's milk into his diet and I'm starting to only pump once during the day when he's at daycare. The transition is happening, I think it's just going to be slower than I anticipated.

As for Crosby...

I always forget how un-fun the infant year is until my babies start being little babbling, toddling people! Though he isn't yet walking, he's getting there. His babysitter found us an awesome little walker at a yard sale and he loves to cruise around our house in it, trying to keep tabs on everyone.

He loves to sing and dance. Every time he starts moving his head back and forth to whatever music we have playing, my Mama heart just bursts. He's also just starting to be able to play with his older brother. He loves to climb on him and attempts to play with his toys (before they're rudely snatched away). He's still young enough that he'll just find something new to play with, but I'm not looking forward to the days of those little redheaded brothers squabbling over his stuffed elephant, or Charlie's electric guitar.

He just started pulling himself up to standing and will walk holding onto Mommy or Daddy's hands. I would guess we're still another month or two from walking (but watch him prove me wrong!). I could be crazy, but I'm pretty sure his first word was "YEAH!". I swear, he says it every time we ask him a question!

Crosby's 12-month doctor's appointment was on Tuesday. Right now he's measuring 29.5 inches tall and weighs in at 19 lbs 2 oz. He's wearing size 4 diapers and wearing between 12-month and 18-month clothing.

I can't help but laugh when I re-read Charlie's 12-month update. At 12 months old, Charlie was 28 inches tall and weighed 15 lbs 9 oz. I think it's safe to say his little brother is likely going to outgrow him.

> > >

It's so exciting to watch his progress every day. I can't wait to hear this little one continue to develop his vocabulary. As for the walking, I can wait a little longer for that. I can't imagine what life will be like when I have TWO toddlers to run after in the parking lot!

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