Life Lately v5

Pretty sure I did a life lately post last month. Alas, it feels necessary as there's been a whole lot of life happening around here!

ON MY DAD...I gave a really vague update here about my Dad's current condition. It's been a stressful few weeks for my family, but as of yesterday, it seems like he's hanging on for now.

ON READING...Now that Crosby is sleeping through the night and I'm no longer a coffee-guzzling Mombie, I've finally gotten back into my normal reading groove. Originally, I had set a goal to read 52 books this year. But then, I started working more side jobs and lacked the time and mental energy. Recently, I adjusted my goal to 40 books. I'm at 27 right now, so it's still quite a stretch, but I think I can do it.

ON POLITICS...For the past year, I got to flex my political science muscle more than usual by volunteering my time with some local city campaigns. As you likely know, Tuesday was Election Day and all three of our candidates won! This was especially momentous because my town is Trump country and somehow we just elected three millennial Democrats to our city council. Despite the mess at the federal level, there are some really wonderful, progressive steps being taken across the country at the state and local levels and it's so encouraging to see!

ON THE HOLIDAYS...Yesterday, I went absolutely crazy picking up, sweeping, scrubbing, and rearranging my living room (for the first time in months. Please don't judge me) for one reason and one reason only. IT'S CHRISTMAS TREE TIME! Haters gonna hate, but as soon as Halloween is over, our living room is a festive, Christmas wonderland and I love it. Two months just isn't enough time for me to get my Christmas on!

ON HOLIDAY SHOPPING...Look, I try to be as minimalist and non-materialistic as possible, but buying Christmas gifts is one of my love languages. Chuck and I had a hysterical conversation the other day where he asked if he could help with Christmas shopping for the boys. I promptly shut that down because 1. Step off, dude. You're out of your element. And 2. I know exactly how it would go- I would walk into a store with a spreadsheet, budget, and justifications for all my Christmas gifts. Chuck would walk in, see something shiny and try to convince me to throw my plans to the wind and purchase said shiny thing. I would get irritated, he would grow frustrated and it would end well for no one. That being said, I will be doing our Christmas shopping this year, and I got a temporary, part-time position at our local outlet mall so that I can do said Christmas shopping without acquiring more debt! Win/win.

So tell me, what's new with you? 
Are you a Christmas nut, or are you a fervent "not until after Thanksgiving-er"?

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