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Oy, it feels like the last week has been kind of a doozy. A lot of endings, pain, heartbreak- a lot of things I can't elaborate on because they're not mine to tell. But my heart is heavier than usual this morning. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a self-diagnosed highly-sensitive person, but I always seem to be affected by bleak, grey skies more than most. And today, this rainy, dreary Monday makes my melancholy feel even more palpable.

So, onto happy things, I say! In order to combat my Monday blues, I thought it might be time for another life lately post to focus on the little things that are making my skies just a little sunnier.

ON GINGER BABIES...Crosby started pulling himself up to standing this past week and now wants to stand on ALL THE THINGS. He just seems so darn proud of himself, and it's adorable. Charlie is still his same, ornery self. I love talking to him and some of the things that come out of his mouth are just hilarious.

ON POTTY TRAINING...We've barely started and I'm so frustrated. This morning, Charlie told me he had to poop so we sat on the toilet for a half hour. As soon as I put a diaper on him, it was less than 60 seconds before, "Mommy, I pooped!" I know he's learning and it'll take time for him to get comfortable using the toilet, but ain't nobody got time for that when they're trying to get ready for work in the morning!

ON WHOLE30... If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that Chuck and I are doing Whole30 in the month of October. Chuck has wanted to eat healthier for his own personal reasons for some time now, and my Dad's recent medical issues have rattled me enough that I needed to make a serious change before my genetic predisposition to diabetes starts to wreak havoc. So far, we're both doing really well and can slowly see how our diet and lifestyle changing for the better. (I weighed myself last night on a whim, and I lost FIVE POUNDS in a week!)

ON MY JOB SITUATION... My seasonal position with my former employer finally came to an end last week. It was, as is always the case when I leave that place, bittersweet. I love my work family and will definitely miss seeing their faces each week, but I'm not sorry that I've eliminated an long commute and an additional 10 hours of work from my weeks. I have a tough time saying "no" to things and tend to over-commit myself. I'm ready for a slower season so I can focus on the things happening in our family that need to be my first priority right now.

ON FALL... Sigh, how I do love Fall. It always feels like there's a little bit of magic in the air this time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas are just around the corner. Hayrides are taken with friends, Crockpots of hearty, warm soup fill the kitchen with the most delightfully enticing smells, and nights are spent bundled under chunky blankets with a cup of hot tea and a good book in hand. Magic, I tell you. Magic.

So tell me, what's new with you? And what's your favorite thing about Fall?

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