Our Trip to the U.S. Air Force Museum [2017 Summer Ohio Bucket List]

There were two major things that led to my trip to the U.S. Air Force Museum two weeks ago. The first was that everyone and their mother kept telling me how awesome this museum was (not to mention FREE!), so I added it to my 2017 Ohio Summer Bucket List. The second was my desire to give back to the Mamas in my life. Motherhood can be an overwhelming and isolating experience, regardless of where you are in the journey. I mentioned in my vlog on working motherhood how I was starting to think about ways that I could support other Moms in my life who are going through their own uphill journeys.

My dear friend and fellow Dayton Moms Blog contributor, Suzanne recently welcomed a 10-year old foster daughter into her home. She was the perfect candidate for some much-needed Mama time! I texted her to see how she would feel about me taking her toddler for a playdate and it just so happened to fall on her birthday! Suzanne got the birthday blessing of some toddler-free time, and I got the blessing of getting to hang out with her sweet girl for a few hours! (Side note: Please know that I'm not sharing this to try and convince everyone that I'm some super awesome human being. I'm just hoping that sharing my own "random acts of kindness" initiative might inspire someone to think more about how they can support the Moms (or anyone, really) in their own life.

We left early in the morning and arrived shortly after they opened. We passed through the majority of the museum and bee-lined it to the last hangar so that Mommy could see all the old Presidential Air Force One's, which is what I was most interested in. The great thing about this museum is that it is a HUGE space and perfect for letting energetic little ones run around. There were volunteers stationed all over and ready to help at a moment's notice. Charlie and his playdate had a blast climbing the stairs into all the old planes and Mommy just tried her best to keep up with them with a baby on my chest, no less. (Which is why there are few pictures to document our trip).

All in all, it was a great experience. I have zero interest in military history, but it was the perfect place to take young kids and makes for a great rainy day activity. If you live in or around the Dayton area, I cannot recommend it enough.

Once Ohio bucket list item down, 9 more to go!

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