2017 Summer Ohio Bucket List

A few years ago I wrote out an Ohio bucket list. I moved to Ohio a month after I graduated college. I lived here for a year, moved to Pittsburgh for grad school, and then moved back in 2013. That's about 4.5 years I've lived in the Buckeye State, so I'm not sure how much longer I can refer to myself as a "transplant." In the time since creating that initial Ohio bucket list, I've crossed a few things off, but I think it's time for a revamp.

Becoming a SAHM has been an amazing opportunity to get more involved in my local community. I found a Church family, I've gotten involved in local politics, and I help manage my local farmers' market, among other things. I'm really making this town of mine home and it's inspired me to find out what else Ohio has to offer. With that in mind, here is my 2017 Ohio Summer Bucket List:


1. CINCINNATI | King's Island. Although my motion sickness has only gotten worse with age, I am still a rollercoaster fanatic. I would love to take Charlie to Planet Snoopy and maybe find time to sneak in a grown-up coaster ride of my own!

2. DAYTON | Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally I love food. I love food trucks. I want to go to this monthly rally in Dayton and check out all the local cuisine!

3. HOCKING HILLS | Old Man's Cave I've only heard good things about Old Man's Cave at Hocking Hills. I would love to take a day trip to go hiking with my boys and see this beautiful cave and waterfall in person.

5. DAYTON | Get the Led Out at Fraze Pavilion My Mom saw this Led Zeppelin cover band a couple years ago and was blown away. So when I found out they were coming to our area, Chuck and I got tickets for our anniversary. I haven't been to a concert in way too long, so I'm pretty darn excited.

6. CINCINNATI | Taste of Cincinnati This annual foodie event takes place Memorial Day weekend and is filled with local culinary talent. I hope to attend and sample all the food and adult beverage goodness. I'm pretty sure Chuck is going to have to roll me out.

7. CINCINNATI | Jungle Jim's Craft Beer Festival Jungle Jim's is already possibly my favorite Cincinnati destination. Every time we have friends or family from out of town, we make sure to take them here. It takes several hours to take in all of the International Market. So take my favorite Ohio locale and add craft beer? Yup, Chuck and I will be there!

8. DAYTON | Ohio Renaissance Festival Can you believe we only live about 15 minutes away from the Ohio Renaissance Festival and I've never been?! We hope to finally make it this summer with the boys and EAT ALL THE THINGS!

9. DAYTON | National Museum of the U.S. Air Force (May 22, 2017) My blogger friend, Suzanne celebrated her birthday and as a small gift, I decided to giver her some toddler-free time! Tera, Charlie, Crosby and I spent a couple hours exploring all of the airplanes and had a blast. If you're in Dayton, and especially if you have kiddos, you have to check this place out. I have no interest in military history, but it is so well-organized, kid-friendly, and best of all, FREE!

10. DAYTON | Yellow Springs + Young's Dairy This is Jungle Jim's biggest competition as my favorite Ohio destination. Yellow Springs is an awesome little hippie town about 45 minutes north of us. When I first moved to Ohio and didn't have any friends, I would head there every weekend and just walk around frequenting the small shops of tea, artisan goods, books, and booze. It's so much fun and Young's Dairy is just 5 minutes outside. They have a small hobby farm, miniature golf, and various kids' activities as well as the BEST ICE CREAM EVER!!! The last time I visited Yellow Springs was to see their sunflower fields. I was overdue and had Crosby the very next day!

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Have you been to any of these Ohio destinations? Are there any Ohio must-see places that I missed?

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