CROSBY | 8 Months

Today, my Crosby Loren celebrates his eight-month "birthday." This month has been filled with so much joy as he is fully able to sit up and play, he loves to laugh and squeal, and as per usual, wants all the snugs and cuddles. It's also been a month filled with a lot of tumult and uncertainty for our family. Our financial situation is pretty terrible and led me to apply for government assistance through the WIC program. I've been applying for various local jobs and have no idea whether I will be able to land a part-time gig that would allow for me to stay home with the boys a little longer, or if it's back to full-time working motherhood. I'm anxious to say the least, and just holding out hope that whatever is best for our family will reveal itself in time. Send us all the good vibes!

Over the last couple months, I've managed to rope myself into various side projects. The unfortunate part is that I'm doing a hell of a lot of work for very little income in return. The silver lining of the situation is it's made me gain a whole new level of appreciation for mothers who work from home. Work-at-home motherhood is insane! It is mentally exhausting and nearly impossible to efficiently balance working time with Mommy time. I'm drafting a whole new post in my brain on the different experiences of full-time, SAHM, and WAHM-ing.

Since I've been working more outside the house, I've had to start pumping more. Thankfully, Crosby took to the bottle with no problems whatsoever. But I feel like my supply always takes a nosedive when I start pumping so I'm nervous about that. Time to start taking all the Fenugreek and eating all the oatmeal so I can continue breastfeeding Crosby for as long as possible!

I'm still hovering around the 120-lb mark which still blows my mind. It feels good to be a healthy weight, but I can't pretend like I'm in any better shape. I'm still embarrassingly inflexible and have been slacking on yoga and stretching. I also hoped to be running more now that the weather's improved, but it's been difficult to find the time with all of the work projects I have going on. I do try to get out several times per week with the double jogging stroller for a long walk, if nothing else. But I think my chances of running 13 miles this year aren't looking great.

As for Crosby...

Joy. This kid is pure joy. I literally didn't think it was possible for a child to be sweeter than Charlie, but this kid truly is the best. He naps well and is down to just one nighttime feeding, so I'm grateful for that. I still wouldn't mind a full night's sleep, but I suppose I'm still fortunate that he's usually only waking up once per night.

I've loved watching he and Charlie grow closer and spend more time together since he's finally sitting up and able to play with toys. He sits happy as a clam with Charlie's blocks or trucks, until Charlie snatches it out of his hand with a "MINE!" and then moves onto the next thing. Despite the fact that everything is "mine!", Charlie really is good with him. He give him tons of unprompted hugs and kisses and will usually dutifully find a less exciting toy to share with his little brother. Hey, I'll take what I can get! 

We didn't hit any major milestones this month. He's sturdier while sitting up, still rolls around like crazy, but no crawling or "talking" yet. Baby-led weaning is still going great- this kid will literally eat anything we give him. It's amazing! Recently, he's tried yogurt, eggs, and pancakes. He can literally eat 1.5 bananas or pancakes in one sitting. Here's hoping he'll be less of a picky eater than his older brother!

Crosby's next appointment is a month from now in June. However, our bathroom scale says he's weighing in around 17 lbs. We're in Size 3 diapers and 9-month clothing, but I have the 12-month hand-me-downs easily accessible because it won't be long!

> > > 

Crosby Loren,

I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad and anxious about the the future has in store for us. I have so loved getting to spend the last 8 months together 24/7. Although there are times it's been exhausting and overwhelming, I will absolutely look back on this time as the happiest days of my life. You are the sweetest, smiliest, and most precious bundle of love and I can't imagine life without you. Thank you so much for being born. I can't wait to bear witness to the amazing man you're going to be. I love you so much, Chubs.


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