Blogger Love v.7

Although my brain has been entirely too drained to articulate anything I've been thinking these days, I haven't been completely absent from BloggyLand. I've still been reading and trying to keep up with my favorites, so here are the best posts you may have missed in the last couple weeks:

All the Joys - Blogger Love

If I Could Make an Honest Baby Registry by Poverty Luxe | Groceries? Check. Housecleaning? Check. Wine? CHECK. 

On Blogging and Voice and Writing about Real Life by The Life of Bon | I constantly struggle with how much to share on my cyberspace. I tend to forget that real-life people read this and have, on more than one occasion, had to put my foot in my mouth after over-sharing something that I had no business saying. Love that this is something I'm not the only blogger to wrestle with.

Going (Back) Up on a Monday by Nestfull | For those of you who may not be aware, Jena was the voice behind Recently Roached. That is, until she decided to bow out in favor of spending her days with new baby, Sawyer (how selfish of her!). I died a little inside the day that Jena killed her blog so I nearly cried tears of joy to see that she had re-joined the blogging world. If you haven't read her posts before, do it- she's hilarious.

Vivian's Birth Story (Part II) by The Newly | I will never pass up a good birth story.