Bucket List Check-In 3.0

It's been awhile since I wrote an ol' bucket list check-in (see December 2011 and October 2012 check-ins) so I figured it was about time to see how I'm doing with these crazy life goals of mine. Here's what I've managed to cross off in the last 2+ years:

Run a 5k
Okay, so I didn't technically run a 5k, but I did run a Quarter Marathon back in May 2014 which I figure totally counts since it's over twice as long!

Have a Baby
Are you new here? If so, I had a baby. If not, sorry about all the baby talk (well, only kind of sorry).

Snuggle at a Drive-In movie
I posted here about our epic Fourth of July when we were still living in Pittsburgh back in 2013. I still consider it in my Top 5 favorite dates ever with my hubby.

Document my pregnancy
Again, if you're new here you can check out my "bumpdates" here. Otherwise, sorry again.

Take a birthing class
As a requirement to give birth at our birthing center, Chuck and I took a Natural Birthing Class in October. It was soo worth it and Chuck, especially, was so glad he went. It helped him feel so much more prepared and engaged in my pregnancy. I would highly recommend it!

Host a dinner party
Admittedly, our version of a dinner party involves no fancy tableware of any sort. But there was pizza, fun, and friends at our house, so it totally counts.

Participate in a reading challenge
Not only did I partake in Megan's summer reading challenge a few months back, but I'm currently in the midst of her Winter Reading Challenge. (Stay tuned for an update on my progress!)

> > >

Do you have a bucket list?
What are you hoping to cross off in 2015?

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  1. Have you ever posted the full list? I love reading bucket lists, so if you have, tell me where! And if you haven't . . . you should ;)