Bucket List Check-In

I had honestly forgotten all about my bucket list until my bloggy friend, Shannon hosted a link-up yesterday inviting her readers to check-in with what they had crossed off their lists. The last time I gave a blog update on the status of my bucket list was almost a year ago, HERE. I grabbed my old composition notebook where it's been hiding for the last ten months, scribbled down a few more additions and crossed a couple more off my list. Thanks Shannon, for the inspiration!

Page: Twenty-Two

As of today, I've got 122 items on my list. And since my last update in December 2011, here's what I crossed off:

Go snorkeling
This was something I almost chickened out on, because sometimes I get a little panicky when I feel like I can't breathe. But I refused to pass up the opportunity to do this on our honeymoon in Jamaica right before we...

Climb a waterfall
Another one I owe to Jamaica! We even dropped $40 for a souvenir DVD...in hindsight, not at all worth the money. But an experience I don't regret in the least!

I'm not going to spell out exactly what #47 is, but let me just say this, it was another activity we can attribute to our Jamaican adventure.

Get married!
As if this one isn't totally obvious. I married my best friend and love of my life in a wedding ceremony that was absolutely perfect for the two of us. Truth be told, I'm still on a wedding high :)

Zipline through the jungle
Surprise, surprise. Thanks for the awesome times, Jamaica. Respect, mon.

Hubby all harnessed up for our afternoon of zip-lining!
Consider this a teaser for my upcoming honeymoon post ;)
Sponsor a child
This one I owe partly due to my own will, but also a lot to hubby's employment with World Vision. Check out their banner on my sidebar- this organization is completely overflowing with God's love. Amazing.

What a blessing this past year has been. I'm so amazed at what I was able to cross off my list, and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for both Chuck and I. 

Have you checked off any items on your bucket list recently?


  1. Those all sound like awesome things to cross off the list! And number 47 made me giggle :)

  2. These are all AWESOME items to check off!! The waterfalls...the ziplining! It makes me want to take a tropical vacation right now:)