Wedding Recap: Family

The end is in sight for these wedding recaps of mine. I've covered our rehearsalceremony, reception and bunches more and I'll be content when I can finally wrap up these glimpses into our day (as I'm sure everyone else will be too!). I'm so blessed that our friend Dani was able to capture our wedding so perfectly, and I'm thankful for this space where I've been able to share it all with you. Thank you for all your kinds words- as if I didn't feel special enough on my wedding day, I get to re-live it twice a week with all of you :)

But enough of my sappiness, take a look at my beautiful family...

We asked our nieces to be our flowergirls. Alora got there while Dani was shooting all the girl pictures so she got a little more camera time than Zyra did. They were both so sweet though, and Alora had me laughing up a storm...as you can see!

My Mom and sister are my best friends- they were both so good at keeping me calm and make sure I felt like a princess all weekend long. And of course, I can't neglect my step-dad. Did I mention he balled his eyes out during our Father-Daughter dance? He's such a big teddy bear :)

I was really upset that my Grandmas couldn't make it- the trip to Ohio was just too long and taxing for them. My maternal grandmother is the person I look up to the most in the world- so while we were waiting to be announced into our reception I called her and gushed about our ceremony. It meant the world to get to hear her voice even if she wasn't there in person. 

But even if a lot of my family wasn't able to make it- my uncle, aunt & cousins did! I know our wedding was not easy for them to make- there was a lot of driving and conflicting plans, but they showed up with smiles on their faces and made me a very happy girl.

Last, but certainly not least, the in-laws. 

As the youngest of five, Chuck's got a pretty big family which has taken some getting used to. But, they've truly adopted me as one of their own and I feel so blessed to know each of them. I always wanted a big family- and I definitely got what I wished for!

Photo credit: Byrd Photography


  1. Your dress is beautiful! And I love the girls in their tutus!!! So precious!

  2. everything about your special day was beautiful, and so creative. so you. i love that.

  3. Newest follower here! I love your pictures, they are so, so cute! I can't wait to read more!

  4. These are amazing! You look beautiful! xoxo, Pam

  5. oh.my.GOSH.
    I love, love, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress {too many loves? i think not}
    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

  6. Aw you are certainly blessed! The pictures are beautiful!! Also, I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog so much that I nominated you for blog awards. Keep up the good work! Check it out if you'd like :) http://fromchrysalistobutterfly.blogspot.com/2012/10/award-i-got-award.html

  7. I love all of your wedding photos! Your dress was gorgeous and you hair, and everything was so pretty. Looks like a dream.