On Hand-Me-Downs

Last week I read this absolutely beautiful post over at Coffee + Crumbs about hand-me-downs. It brought me to tears as I reflected on all the hand-me-downs I've received with Pep's due date just days away.

I'm thankful for the hand-me-downs of a car seat so that we may have one for each of our cars when we both resume working full-time.

I'm thankful for the hand-me-downs of a family friend telling me as she was leaving my baby shower, "You'll be fine [in labor]. Honestly, I thought zip-lining was much more challenging!"

I'm thankful for the hand-me-downs of a crib mattress and the real Mom talk of a friend who just became a Mama in July.

I'm thankful for the friend who dropped by yesterday with a freezer meal in hand, and proceeded to tell me that the pan was a magical pan that would come back with another meal for the next 365 days whenever it was returned because she recognized that "it takes more than 6 weeks to figure all this out."

I'm thankful for the hand-me-downs of baby boy clothes and a "safe word" for whenever I just need to drop the baby off and take a break, courtesy of my absolutely amazing sister-in-law.

For all the offers of comfort food, of free babysitting, of compliments when I feel less than myself, 
I am so thankful for the women in my life.

A belly comparison shot for good measure: 19 Weeks // 29 Weeks // 39 Weeks
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  1. What your friend said about giving birth and zip-lining is so great to hear. :) I am not due until March, but I'll take all the encouraging words I can get. During such an anxious time of life, all the words and kindness from friends mean so much more. I can relate to your gratitude.

  2. Awesome. That friend with the casserole dish is amazing. I need a friend like that! :)

  3. Awww beautiful post! I hope the three of you are doing well! Speaking from eleven weeks in your future, everything gets easier day by day. Don't be afraid to take help however you can get it!