A Christmas Hot Cocoa Date

Today, I'm taking a suggestion out of Amber's 25 Absolutely Awesome Christmas Post ideas and inviting you in for a warm, cozy hot cocoa date.

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I'd apologize profusely for the state my house has found itself in. Rugs needing vacuumed, dishes needing done and laundry to be folded and put away.

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I would likely hand you a chipped mug filled to the brim with whatever concoction I found in the K-Cup section of Kroger. I would confess that our Keurig is a godsend for my lazy soul.

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I would insist that we curl up on my couch with warm, puffy blankets and watch Elf or Love Actually for the umpteenth time. Christmas movies fill me with a childlike joy and I nearly always have one playing in the background for the entirety of December (...and November, if we're being honest).

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I'm guessing you would ask me about how I'm feeling and whether I thought I'd be having this baby any time soon. I would answer that I'm feeling more "labor-y," but think it could still be a good, long while before we see this baby's face. I would tell you about my midwife appointment on Thursday and how I am praying for any mention of progress.

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I would also proceed to tell you everything I've been doing to try and induce labor. Going for a long walk on my lunch break, perineal massage and giving Chuck more ahem, physical attention than he's received in a long time.

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I might tell you that Chuck and I got into a spat a couple days ago. I would admit that at times, when he opts to spend time with his family over me or doesn't come home when he says he's going to, I become agitated. Then I would follow this up with the recent realization I've come to that pregnancy doesn't just affect the Mommy. I tend to forget that Chuck is about to have a baby, too. He's scared, too. He's anxious, too. I need to remember this and remember that we are both different people who handle our fears and anxieties differently.

If we were on a hot cocoa date, I might bid you adieu with apologies for dominating your time with all of my baby talk, but ask that you pray for me as "labor day" draws closer and closer. I would leave you with a long hug and promises of baby snuggles in the near future.

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  1. What a fun date! Thanks for letting me in on those things - I just had coffee with a friend of mine who is also pregnant last night and she shared many similar things relating to pregnancy!