31 Weeks

Baby Pep,

I have to say, you give your Mama quite a fright yesterday. Not moving all day long? What were you thinking?! As irritating as those kicks to the ribs and hiccups down below can be, I've come to expect them, so when you had a "slow" day, I was all kinds of worried. By bedtime, you were your active self once again, but geez- try not to give your Mom a heart attack, okay?

Your Daddy and I had our birth center orientation class on Sunday, which left each of us feeling increasingly nervous about your arrival. While your Daddy is really scared about seeing me in pain, I'm more nervous about what comes after the delivery- YOU! I'm going into labor with an open mind, I don't have any idea what to expect so I'm just going to give it my all and not make a painful situation worse, but being tense and stressed out about it. I'm thankful that I know your Daddy is going to play a very active role in your care once you make your grand entrance, it helps to relieve the pressure I feel about being a good Mama to you.

Next week is going to be a crazy one for us. First, we're attending our intensive natural birthing class on Saturday. On Sunday, I leave for Chicago for a 3-day work conference. On Thursday, your Mama's best friends are flying in to visit. On Friday, your Grandma will be driving down and we'll be celebrating Halloween with some of Mommy's favorite people and on Saturday- it's baby shower time! That's a lot of activity packed into one week! Hope you're ready little one. (Although, I'm more concerned about whether I'm ready).

Keep up those hiccups, Baby Pep!



  1. I have to say I love how you always put a note on what your hubby is up do in your weekly comments :) I think its very sweet and shows even more how much you two are in love!

  2. You look seriously adorable in this week's bump pic. This is all getting so exciting! :)

  3. I used d to get worried too when Kaid wouldn't move for long periods. I found that drinking a big glass of orange juice would usually get him moving. Not sure if it was the sugar or the gurgling sound but it worked!

  4. Ugh, each one of mine did that to me at least once- go from super active to super still without any warning. It's unsettling!