Summer Bucket List Check-In

Back in June, I posted my Summer Bucket List. Because summer is most definitely officially over, and it's time for me to start contemptaing my goals for fall, here's what I crossed off my list over the past three-ish months:

1// Go kayaking (for the first time!) | I had a trip planned for the whole in-law family, but we found out shortly before that Chuck had to work, which killed my plans. Womp, womp.

2// Eat as much ice cream as possible. | Pregnant in the summer time? Yeah, pretty sure I nailed this one.

3// Family vacay in Cape May, NJ. | We reunited with family and friends, played in the waves, and oh yeah, ate our weight in seafood. Success.

4// Visit the Farmer's Market at least once per month. | Technically, I only made it to the Farmer's Market twice this summer, due to my work schedule. But I did make plenty of trips to some of our local farm stands so I'm counting it as a win.

5// Eat brunch on the patio of our favorite local restaurant. | The Farmer's Market Omelet was made all the more enjoyable by the summer sun warming my freckly skin. Ah, bliss.

6// Go swimming. | Both in the ocean and in our hotel pool!

7// Plan our second anniversary weekend trip. | I don't know that a day trip to Cincinnati constitutes a trip, and this year, my loving Hubby actually did all the planning!
8// Host a 4th of July shindig. | We did and it was great! We grilled out, conversed with friends and watched the fireworks over the treeline behind our house.

9// Go hiking and bike-riding with my Hubby. | Still not giving up hope on this one before the year is up!

10// Blog more. | I've been moderately successful at this thanks to the little bean growing in my belly!

11// Read all the dang time. | I finished my 2014 Reading Challenge in August. So yeah, this one is in the bag.

12// Attend an Ohio festival. |  I had the opportunity to volunteer for my employer at Columbus Pride back in June!

13// Cross another item off my Ohio Bucket List. | I finally ate at Skyline! I even got a little goodie bag for being a first-timer.

14// Attend a Reds baseball game. | FAIL. I'd love to substitute the Bengals for this, but we've got a baby to save up for, so splurging on NFL tickets isn't high on the list of priorities.

> > >

Did you manage to accomplish everything you set out to do this summer?

Be sure to check back for my Fall Bucket List...and I may have a special giveaway planned for tomorrow. Just sayin'...

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  1. I volunteered at Columbus Pride too! It was so much fun. All the summer festivals in Ohio make me momentarily forget how much I hate the winters here.

    My husband and I finally got in a bike ride together on Sunday. We haven't had our bikes that long, but between vacations, illnesses, and rain, this was my first chance to ride my bike. He rides his to work sometimes, so he's used his bike a lot more than I have!