Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Bucket List

I had a very successful summer, crossing nearly everything off my summer bucket list! So in the spirit of goal-making, I'm creating a Fall Bucket List and counting down the days until Baby Pep arrives- less than 3 months!!!

1// Have a mini-babymoon with my Baby Daddy.

2// Attend my employer's national conference in Chicago!

3// Go picking and carve pumpkins.

4// Finish all my Christmas shopping.

5// Celebrate with all my loves at my baby shower.

6// Bake a pumpkin roll.

7// Reduce my spending and save up for maternity leave!

8// Take a hospital tour and attend Natural Birthing class.

9// Decorate the house for the holidays.

10// Put Baby Pep's nursery together.

11// Start Megan's Winter Book Challenge.

12// Wear out my Crockpot.

> > >

What do you want to do before the new year?!


  1. I just did a bucket list, and totally forgot all the same things! haha the tour and the baby "sprinkle" LOL anyways, I feel you on the crockpot!!!

  2. Yes to all of these things! Watch out, crockpot!

  3. I am totally game to participate in some of these when I come at the end of the month. Like baking a pumpkin roll and picking/carving pumpkins! :)