27 Weeks

Baby Pep,

Oy. 27 weeks was hard on your Mama. On Thursday, Mommy received a call from your Grandma that her great-Grandma had passed away. I was so hoping you would get to meet your great-Grandma Ball. She was the most incredible person and would have loved you dearly. I feel at peace knowing that she had a great life, she didn’t have to spend too much time in pain and I know she was ready to go. I do get a little teary-eyed thinking about the experiences I had as her granddaughter and the lessons she taught me that I hope to pass onto you. My Grandma loved Native American culture and believed in listening to the wisdom the natural world is ready to offer us, as soon as we pause to let it. She taught me to be respectful and kind to others. But perhaps, her most profound impact on me, was her love of literature. I hope one day to pass on the love of a good book to you, Baby Pep. I can’t wait to snuggle up and read The Giving Tree, The Polar Express and all of Roald Dahl’s classics as you get older. I genuinely hope that although you will never meet her, you will grow up with an understanding of just how extraordinary your great-Grandma truly was.

Both your Grandpas have also been in the hospital the last few days. Papaw Stuckert is undergoing some serious treatment to make sure that he can live a long and healthy life and get lots of years to enjoy your company. Grandpa Best is having surgery to make sure he lasts a lot longer, as well. Both sides of the family are a little overwhelmed at the moment (to say the least), but your presence in all our lives is a such a beautiful and joyous reminder of the circle of life. Although, death does cause us to grieve, it also brings, in its wake, new life. Baby Pep, you have so many people who are excited about your arrival. Without even knowing it, you are giving each of us the hope needed to persevere through the tough times.

On a lighter note, can you cool it with the kicks to your Mama’s ribs, please? ;)



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your family! You are in my prayers hun. <3 *ohn another note, your bump is too cute ^_^ & did you sign up for honest box, or did you buy them ?

  2. So sorry for your loss. I'm currently 33 weeks and feeling sad that all my grandparents have passed away before my little one could meet them. They passed away a few years ago, but it's still so hard.

  3. Love these letters to little Pep! <3

  4. Sorry to hear about your family. Hope you all can find comfort some how.

    I've always wanted to try what the honest company has. They have such cute diapers. Hope you enjoy them. I can't wait to use them

  5. I found your blog through the "who is blogging for compassion" page via Jacquie's prompt. I'm sorry to hear of your losses and family pain. I know the pain of losing beloved family members before our children get to know them. Praying for you this evening.