25/26 Weeks

Baby Pep,

Man, making a human is tiring! I’ve been a walking zombie this week and I need to keep reminding myself that 6 hours of sleep is not going to cut it- I need a curfew! I’m also using my fatigue and general work busyness as my excuse for why I'm combining two weeks in one. So, what’s new for 25/26 weeks?

I had another appointment with the midwife last week. I had previously tried to have my glucose test done at an outside lab, but the lady said she couldn’t do them without my orders. Come to find out, the orders were on an online medical billing system, so I drank that sickeningly sweet drink for nothing. The nurse at my midwife's office gave me another bottle and we’re going to try again next week! I had heard such horror stories about how gross the glucola drink is that I really worked myself up to the point of being nauseous before I drank it. It’s not exactly something I would choose to drink on the regular, but compared to what I was expecting- it wasn’t bad at all. I just threw it back like a shot and went about my day.

Another exciting thing we did last week was visit our friends Frankie and Willow. Frankie had Willow just two months ago so, of course your Mama was peppering her with all sort of questions about labor and breastfeeding. It was so wonderful to hold little, squishy Willow (albeit awkwardly because your Mommy still doesn't know what to do with other people's kids) and imagine what it will feel like to have you in my arms in just a few months. Frankie’s new role as Mommy fit her like a glove, and Willow's Daddy, John, seemed equally as content and enamored with his little one. I left their house feeling more at peace than I have this entire pregnancy. Sure, the sleepless nights and labor pains have me freaking out on any given day. But as I watched Frankie feed and cuddle little Willow, I couldn’t help but think- well, this doesn’t seem so bad! I can’t wait to hibernate and cuddle with you all winter long.

Your heartbeat was strong and your kicks are as persistent as ever. Mama’s been a tad bit emotional lately, but I’m growing more accustomed to your presence in my life every day.

With all my love,

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  1. The drink wasn't as bad as I expected at all! I did fail the 1 hour and had to take the 3 hour which was REALLY HARD on me, I felt like crap, but I passed that one, so that was good!