Catching Up: 10 Weeks

Written May 27, 2014

Baby Pep,

We did it! We finally told your grandparents! It was such a relief to unload the burden of keeping this secret from the parents whom we love so much. Since your Grandma and Grandpa on your Mommy’s side ride motorcycles, we nonchalantly gave them a book I had “found at a thrift store” entitled Grandma Loves Her Harley Too. Because Grandpa Kenny has two grandchildren, she didn’t think much of it until she flipped to the dedication page which read, “Can’t wait to read this with you, Grandma! Love, Baby Stuckert (Due December 2014).” The look of complete shock on your Grandma’s face was priceless. I so wish we had been able to capture it, but we didn’t want cameras to spoil the surprise!

 Shortly after we told your Grandma and Grandpa, we headed over to your Nonnie and Papaw’s (Daddy’s side) house for a cookout with the whole family. We gave them a bottle of wine with a customized label that read, “Drink this for me, I’ll join you soon. Baby Stuckert due December 2014.” Both your Nonnie and Papaw, instantly welled up when they read the bottle and it was such a joy-filled night having both sides of the family together to celebrate, eat delicious food and just rejoice in their time together.

There was a small part of me that was nervous to tell your Grandma and Grandpa. They were one of the biggest proponents of “waiting to have kids” so I was unsure of how they would respond. In hindsight, it seems so silly that I felt that way, because they couldn’t have been happier to hear about you. Your Grandma really relieved some of my fears about the financial aspect of bringing you into the world, as that’s been my biggest concern from the day we found out about you. In her words, “no one has money when they have kids!” She has a point. It won’t be easy, but we’ll make it work and we have the love and support of two tremendous families to help ease the burden.

The remainder of our Memorial Day weekend was spent at our friend Jon’s Strawberry and Asparagus Festival (the same farm where we got married!), window-shopping for baby clothes at the nearby outlet mall and just spending some good ol’ fashioned time together. It was the best weekend we’ve had in a long time and your Daddy and I couldn’t possibly feel more blessed.


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