Hubby's Birthday

For 11 whole days, Chuck and I are the same age. Yesterday, my beloved Hubby turned 25 and for the next week and a half I get to pretend that I'm not a cradle-robber.

My tax day baby celebrated his quarter life milestone with some present opening with the wifey upon his return home from work (complete with the most hilarious, inappropriate card) and then we joined his parents for dinner at their house. I love that when asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, all my husband wanted to do was soak up time with his family. That's just the kind of man he is.

He's also the kind of man gives the world's best hugs.

He's the kind of man who does the best impression of Gingy from Shrek.

He's the kind of man who will always get me a glass of water when I'm too lazy to get it myself.

He's the kind of man who is constantly striving to be the best husband he can be.

He's the kind of man that I am so happy I married.

Happy [belated] Birthday, Boo!

I love you...even when you're a stinker! ;)

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