Dear Facebook, It's Not You, It's Me

Last week, after a long time of deliberating, I made the commitment and went one whole week without social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...all of them- uninstalled from my phone and logged off my work and home computers. In the past, when I attempted such a feat, I inevitably cheated and lasted maybe a day or two. But this time around, I welcomed the break and I'm proud to say- I did it!

I feel that sites like Facebook have become too much of a distraction to me, and often the abundance of bad news and negativity overwhelms me. The first day was obviously, the most difficult. I usually check my news feed out of habit. I'll work on a project or task at work, then spend 5 minutes distracting myself on social media. Spend another half hour on something work-related and go back to it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It's time to stop and smell the...butterflies?
It was completely mind-boggling to me how often I would find myself mindlessly navigating to one of those sites and I realized just how little focus I actually have. How have I become so unable to hone my attention in on one thing at a time?! I feel as though this a very generation-specific thing, but it is one that I would like to curtail.

Over the course of the week, I struggled less and less with the temptation to troll Facebook or Instagram- my two biggest vices. There were a couple instances, though when it was tempting. The first when I found out that Stephen Colbert was taking over for David Letterman. My immediate inclination was to spread the joyous news to everyone on my friend list. And when I stopped, I realized that most of the people who would be interested in this news would likely find out all on their own and did not need my broadcasting it. In the grand scheme of things, anything I would need to post on Facebook or Twitter just doesn't matter.

I also had the distinct desire to document every single moment of my weekend with my college besties. In hindsight, though, I don't think being able to Instagram 18 pictures of myself and my friends would have contributed to our time together...nor would it have any impact on anyone else. 

I guess, after a week without social media, I've concluded that...I don't need it. I have decided that I'd like to keep Instagram around because it's my primary form of documenting and sharing memories. Twitter, I've merely used as a tool for blog promotion. Which, is not something that I care much for, anyhow. If I truly believe that I'm writing this blog for me than I don't need no stinkin' blog promotion! Facebook is nice for keeping track of pictures and staying up to date on events that are going on. But I can confidently say that I am planning to curb my use signficantly. 

In general, I just want to live a full, intentional life. I don't feel that social media is contributing to that in any way, so it's time to remove the mind-numbing source of my distraction from my life!

> > >

What are your thoughts on social media? Have you ever given up or had a "Facebook fast?"


  1. Oh my goodness. I should do this. I check social media sites constantly, and it's usually when there isn't anything fast-paced enough going on to keep me busy. Hmm. I'm going to consider this now. Haha, not quite ready to commit, but good for you!! :)


  2. FB is the only site I use and I do use it a lot. But lately I've been trying to stick to my "no-scroll" rule. I check in to post a photo or whatever (my family follows and likes the updates, as do many friends), I check my notifications and messages. And then if there is someone who I want to check in with I go to their page and see what's been happening. I don't need every single update from every single person. I've actually hid a lot of acquaintances so they don't even show up in my newsfeed. It's been good.

  3. Instagram is hands down my favorite social media as I only keep FB around for event invites and pictures. FB has become so annoying and I have a feeling it'll fall by the ways of MySpace in the near future. I'm still trying to get comfortable with Twitter as I only have it for blogging purposes. I sometimes forget to use it :-P