Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Spotlight's On Me

Most of you probably recall that I studied abroad in Uganda five years ago. I pretty much mention it every chance I get, after all.

Yesterday, the Uganda Studies Program spotlighted me on their blog. I was asked to write about how it changed me and how my experience influenced my career.

Click here to see what I said!

Circa 2009: Rural Uganda


  1. LOVE this picture:) I totally thought of you today because I posted about a jewelry company that works in Uganda! You would love their stuff, and of course their cause:) Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place friend!! xoxo Katie

  2. love this pic and i am sure you did an excellent job. a chick who wrote a book is in Uganda. "Kisses for Katie". She does missionary work there and adopted 14 girls

  3. That was a great post. I wish that I could say the same thing about my job! I am so glad that you get to help people access fresh food. In one of my college classes, we talked about how the cheapest foods are the least nutritious. Anyway, that was touching, as always!

  4. So. Incredibly. Awesome! I love that you can pinpoint exactly when you found your cause!

  5. lovely :)