Live Like You're 87

This weekend flew by entirely too fast for my taste. I left work Thursday afternoon to meet up with my Mommy in Lancaster, PA. Her favorite country singer, Gary Allan, was performing close to home so we planned the trip months ago…before realizing it was Easter weekend and hey, we should go visit Grandma! So after swaying our hips to Gary’s country drawl we left the following morning for New Jersey.

We spent our much needed Mommy-Daughter time on Friday shopping ‘til we just about dropped, eating out and having some long overdue conversation. Saturday, after sleeping late in our big, plushy hotel beds, we headed over to spend some time with my Grandma. My uncle dropped by for a bit and I had so much fun listening to he and my mom reminisce about their childhood. I filled Grandma in on life, gushed about my husband non-stop and had some stimulating political discourse- one of my favorite things to do with her!

My Grandma is a smart cookie- she eats incredibly healthfully, walks daily and takes care of herself. She knows her body well and knows her limits, which is why she isn’t really able to get out as much as she’d like to. She mentioned she needed some black socks and something to hold her hair back and keeping it from tickling her face. When I came back from dinner that night with exactly what she needed- she was elated. Pure delight.

It struck me in that moment that we should all live like we’re 87 years old.

We should be able to swallow our pride and accept help when we truly need it.

We should live simply and remain conscious that we can’t take our material possessions with us when we go.

We should be grateful for the smallest of things…even a 10-pack of thick, black socks.

My Grandma has been perhaps my biggest inspiration during my 24 trips around the sun. She has been a kindred spirit, a cheerleader, but mostly, a teacher. I pray that at 87 years old, I can be half the woman that my Grandma is.

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  1. Love Gary Allan! & I agree, let's live more like we're 87!