A Resolution to be Real

Just a little snapshot of our Christmas via Instagram.

It’s good to be back today. Weird, but good. Chuck and I had a wonderfully, simplistic Christmas and I spent the following days working sporadically and soaking up time with my baby sister who came to visit. By the time New Years Eve rolled around, I had caught a nasty virus of some kind that had my body doing unspeakable things (HIMYM reference, anyone?). Long story short, I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever. And it’s been good. Really good.
For the last two weeks, I’ve felt zero pressure to keep posting regular content, to immediately respond to e-mails or to develop some kind of “filler” post to remind the world that I’m still alive. In the wake of throwing myself into sponsorships, giveaways and link-ups, I needed a break.
Being away from my blog for a significant amount of time caused me to do some serious reflecting. Reflecting on the things that matter to me, the things I want to continue writing about and the things I don’t. It’s been so wonderful to watch that number next to my GFC widget continue to increase over the last few months, but I’m realizing that I have no idea how many of those numbers represent people who follow this blog because they like what I have to say…and how many represent people who want what I have to give away. If it’s the latter, I’d rather not have them at all.
I work two jobs. I see my husband at bedtime and for a few hours on the weekends. I have far too little time and energy to devote to something that isn’t an honest, authentic and real representation of who I am. I love to write and this blog has served as a mirror; allowing me to reflect on the {bee}autiful blessings in my life, as well as those pesky areas that are in constant need of improvement.
Above all, this blog is my journal. I write what I see, what I know, what I feel. Anything less than that is a disservice to myself and a disservice to those who have stuck around for the ride.
So to those of you who have, thank you so much. In light of this new year, I resolve to always be true to myself, and be real for you.
Happy 2013, everyone!!! Let’s kick this year’s booty!


  1. Beeautiful!!

    I am right behind you. That's exactly how I feel too.

    Happy 2013! xoxo

  2. When it comes to blogging I decided a long time ago that I will do what I want when I want and how I want. :) Blogging is a hobby. It's meant to be fun. I need to be free to be me. I don't do things to try to grow my readership. I don't read the blogs that tell me how to blog. You'll never find me even considering going to a blog conference haha.

    I've been blogging for eight years. According to that I should have WAY more followers than I do. But you know what... I don't care. :)

    I hope you find freedom in blogging.

  3. I seriously couldn't agree with you more. I'm so glad I came across your blog at the perfect time. I remember writing something like this. There are countless bloggers who are doing it for the wrong reasons. It's nice to see someone like you being REAL. I love it. And I love relating to people!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  4. I love your blog Kaity!! I think you do a great job writing and being real! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years! :)

  5. Love this, and i completely agree. And how refreshing to read this when it is NOT the norm these days!

    I honestly do not get some of the things going on in blog-world. I don't get the new sponsor thing ... nobody used to sponsor anybody, you just put their blog button on your blog if you liked them. I still do it that way. I have never felt the need to have someone guest post if i'm going to be away for awhile. I don't feel guilty if i don't post enough or if post too much. I LOVE blogging, and i am SO THANKFUL for the friendships i have made along the way... but it's still MY blog.

    I have done a few giveaways, but not as often as I'd like. And that's okay. I don't feel pressure to do any of that stuff. And I'm not really sure why others do. I've been blogging since May of 2009. And most of the time i don't even notice how many followers i have.

    I love your blog, btw! I like reading what you have to say. :)

  6. HIMYM..YES. "You just tell them you're feeling 'under the weather'".

  7. I loooove real. I love when bloggers are real and vulnerable and messy. I really do think that will bring us more joy than watching our followers or pageviews increase. Thanks for being honest!