As I mentioned yesterday, since Chuck and I will be spending Thanksgiving with his family in Ohio, we road-tripped it to New Jersey this past weekend to celebrate Pre-Thanksgiving with my side!

Family portrait after Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Ball ladies

Liberty Science Center just outside NYC

My sister and hubby in front of the Hoberman Sphere

We make 3D glasses look...good

This exhibit was so much fun! We got to see how cartoons are made!

My sister and I ventured off on our own for a little while
and this is what we came back to...

Kelly trying out the arm hang

My family making cartoon sound effects :)

Kelly was a body invader and Chuck was a macrophage, protecting the body.
See, I actually learned something! 

It was short-lived, but such a fun weekend with my family. My Grandma and step-dad are both quirky characters, so to have them both in the same room made for lots of laughs. I hadn't seen my Grandma since before Chuck and I got engaged- needless to say, it was beyond wonderful to be with her.

Yesterday, Chuck and I both had off from work. So we spent way too much time with out butts plopped on the couch, did some grocery shopping and caught up from a whirlwind weekend of traveling. 

Pre-Thanksgiving 2012 got two big thumbs up!

(How we occupy ourselves in the car for 6 hours...)


  1. Um, your family looks super fun and so does that science center! And who doesn't want 2 Thanksgivings?!

  2. i love the idea of pre-thanksgiving! so fun!

  3. love it :) we do pre-thanksgiving too!

  4. sooo fun! and that is so neat that you had pre thanksgiving!