Wedding Recap: Our Video

Chuck and I have a friend named John.

John is a photographer, videographer and literal Jack-of-all-Trades. The day before our wedding, amongst all the other craziness going on, Chuck's mom asked John for a favor. Since our ceremony was now restricted to the 30 or so family and friends that we could fit into Farmer Jon's garage, would he mind capturing a video so that those who couldn't attend could be there with us?

I made it through the entire day without crying once. Then when they showed John's video halfway through our reception- I completely lost it. Our ceremony was not perfect. We were in a garage, sweating our butts off, flying by the seat of our pants, and yet, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I've never been more happy, more in love, more full of joy than I was on our wedding day.

Enough talking. I'll let John's beautiful masterpiece speak for itself...

Chuck and Kaity's Wedding from Kaity on Vimeo.


  1. He did an amazing job on the video. I just love all the pops of color in your dress. Beautiful :)

  2. So sweet! You are so lucky to have this! Somehow in the middle of all of my wedding stress I COMPLETELY forgot to have someone film parts of the wedding. It seirously makes me so sad and kind of breaks my heart so I just can't think about it too much. Just found your blog and have really enjoyed getting to know you- I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  3. I need to go watch my video. I haven't seen it in a couple years. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Omg!! This is wonderful :) so happy for you both!

  5. Love it!! I watch our wedding video every once in a while... It's nice to revisit those feelings again. =)

    p.s. Thanks for linking up for Wednesday Walkabout!
    Sarah from GI Joe's Wife