Sunday Blessings XXIII

Good morning, and happy Sunday everyone!

This weekend has been exactly what hubby and I needed: restful and productive. We haven't had a weekend in our home together since long before the wedding so we're both feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity to finally unpack from our honeymoon and organize after our move.

And speaking of being grateful, here are this week's Sunday Blessings...

I'll be honest, this week at work was not an easy one. I've been working at the Farm Service Agency for about two and a half months and I still have no idea what I'm doing the majority of the time. I get overwhelmed and frustrated with myself a lot, but when I take a step back and look at the big picture, I'm so grateful for this opportunity. This is the first job I've ever had where I feel legitimately challenged! Hooray!

I am so excited for the changing seasons! Apple picking, Oktoberfest, Halloween? Sign me up! I've begun stocking up on candy, planning our costume and am going to decorate this afternoon. I love holidays!

We got our wedding video this week (it's scheduled to go up on Tuesday, so be on the lookout!) and our photographer is sending our pictures tomorrow! She already put a preview up on Facebook and they're beyond beautiful. I cannot wait to share them all with you! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

While I slept in this morning, hubby was putting together the bookcase and shoe rack we got yesterday at Target. Our books have been stowed in boxes since we moved from Ohio over a year ago- a bookcase is long overdue! So thankful for my handyman :)

How have you been blessed this week? Link-up and share!

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