Sunday Blessings XXI

(Bee)autiful Blessings

What a crazy, wonderful week it's been. I'm constantly reminded of the blessings God has showered over me and just how truly fortunate I am. Today, I'm feeling blessed by...

I'm so anxious about starting my new job on Monday, but I feel really ready for it. I know it's something I can do, it's something I'm interested in learning all about and they must have hired me because they believed I was the best for it! Keep me in your prayers as I start an awesome opportunity and begin a new chapter in my life :)

Visiting my family this week was definitely unexpected, but such a blessing. Not only did I manage to take care of dental stuff, but I spent some awesome quality time with my Mommy. As we grow older we only continue to get closer and closer and I'm so thankful for the relationship we share. I don't know what I would do with out her.

I also got the opportunity to speak with my Grandma three days in a row! We share an understanding that we don't need to talk once a week to remain close, but it sure was amazing to catch up with her. I get so much of my personality from her and she's one of those few people that just understands my soul. She's a kindred spirit and is always a source of wisdom for me to draw from whenever I'm experiencing a life struggle.

My Mom, step-dad and I all got the opportunity to chat about my wedding and Chuck. It's usually one of the main topics of conversation when we get together, and always helps me to feel so fortunate that I found my best friend and love of my life so young. Some people go their entire lives without finding what Chuck and I share and I'm so humbled that God deemed me worthy to give and receive the love of such a wonderful, godly man.

How have you been blessed this week?
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  1. awww.....i'm so glad you spent time and chats with family, it's so much needed in our lives! i miss ours deeply! wish my nana was around to chit chat, she was the sugar to my tea everyday! love this:) happy week for the new job pretty lady---let us know how it's going!