Did I Mention?

What a crazy few days it's been! I was completely prepared to have a strong blogging week, but life threw me a little curveball so, finally, on this sizzling summer day, I'm catching up. There's so much on my mind right now that I figured the best way to handle it is to use this blog for my word vomit. Please forgive me!

Monday: I had been noticing for a couple weeks that there was a big hole in my back molar that I didn't remember being there. Since I'm starting my new job on Monday and knew I wasn't going to have any time off for the next few months, I knew I should get it looked at ASAP. I'm still on my Mom's insurance because of my student status which meant I had to drive the six hours up to my hometown in NY (and had to dip into my wedding savings to do it). Boo!

Tuesday: My Mom calls to tell me that I have an appointment tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Guess, I should probably get driving!

Wednesday: Because of my unexpected trip home, my Mom and I have some quality time together- she even took the day off of work so we could...FINISH MY WEDDING DRESS! That's right- it's finished! I left for my dentist appointment, found out a filling had fallen out and was replaced (no Novocaine needed, praise God!) and I was scheduled to come back the following day for my 6-month cleaning. Afterward, I met up with my Mommy at Hobby Lobby to look at more wedding stuff. We ended up keeping our purchase small- 36 floating tea candles for our centerpieces. Hooray!

Our centerpieces will look nothing like this-
but you get to see our candles!

Thursday: I woke up exhausted, packed up my car and made my way to the dentist office. I hit the road as soon as my appointment was over and boy, was it a loooong drive. The best part of the day was coming home and jumping my Boo. After two whole snuggle-less days we were long overdue for a cuddle sesh! We went to bed early and I slept TWELVE hours. Something tells me I better get my sleeping-in done now because I won't be able to for much longer!

Friday: I have a whole list of things to do today- the apartment needs cleaning, wedding to-do's need to be tackled and my oil needed to be changed 1500 miles ago. But I'm going to relax, catch up on my blogs, maybe hit the gym and relish in this last day of unemployment. Because...did I mention? 


Pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now.


  1. So many exciting things....good luck at your new job! : )

  2. how exciting your dress is finished!