Speed Dating and the Big 2-0-0

Here you have it folks, my TWO-HUNDREDTH POST!!!

The girl who started this blog before her four-month excursion in East Africa  in 2009 would never have believed the direction this blog would take. From cross-cultural adventures and trying single-handedly to save the world to wedding plans and love stories. The past three years of my life that I've documented on this blog have been a true testament to God's unfailing love, and even more, to His ridiculous sense of humor!

I've changed so much these last few years- opening myself up to the possibility of love and pursuing a career that not only do I love and enjoy, but I'm actually good at?! I have so much to be thankful for! And I'm so thankful for those who have shared in this journey with me. Here's to the next 200!

What better way to celebrate 200 posts than by staying in my PJ's and skipping the makeup?!

In other news, I've been seeing this link-up making it's way through the Blogger world and it didn't take much arm twisting to get me on-board. So without further ado, courtesy of Nicole at This Little Momma, I present to you...

Speed Dating with Kaity
This Little Momma

My dream job would be working in Communications with an international hunger relief organization such as Bread for the World.

I love dressing up so it's no surprise that my favorite holiday is Halloween.

I hate odd numbers and I always round to the nearest 0 or 5 when telling time. 

I'm not a big fan of movies or TV, preferring a good book or watching old seasons of Friends.

My favorite band is Led Zeppelin, but I genuinely love every genre of music.

I hate wedding planning. My wedding would be a complete mess without my Mommy and future Mom-in-Law!

I constantly fluctuate between chronic wanderlust and baby fever. I love reading other people's birth stories!

None of my best friends live in the same state. Currently, they're in NY, PA, OH, MD and FL.

I love sending and receiving mail. My best friend Whitney and I recently started a snail mail book exchange and I'm having so much fun! 

My favorite vegetable (or fruit?) is tomato. It's rare if I go a day without eating them in some form.

Plato's Closet is literally the only place I shop for clothes.

I'm allergic to cats and peach skin. The single weirdest allergy ever.

Thanks for reading! 
Can't wait for our second date!


  1. peach skin?! thats an allergy?! ahah thats too cute

  2. WOW! 200 days!! Amazing. I always enjoy catching up on your blog, Kaity! Can't believe I had you right here and I didn't think to have you get me started on mine. Oh well...my mind was on other things (wedding bells). Love you a bunch! MS

  3. congratulations on 200 posts! yahoooooo! lovely blog! found you via the link up xo