Honeymoon Plans!

Can you guess where? Well, if you can't- two nights ago we put down a deposit for our honeymoon in...Jamaica! 

I'd seen Ocho Rios featured in a Travel Channel special on Jamaica. After seeing the birthplace of Bob Marley, bobsledding through the jungle, Dunn's River Falls- I was sold! It didn't take much convincing to get Chuck on board as well.

Since we're working on a very small budget, we're forgoing the traditional gift registry and asking that our friends and family help us have the honeymoon of our dreams through a honeymoon registry on Sandals.com. See it here.

And in other news...my Mom finally received my wedding dress in the mail on Monday! She bought it and had it sent to her house so the groom couldn't sneak a peek! I ordered it off of Etsy from a woman in Mexico and after a lack of communication and a long delivery wait, we weren't sure we'd get it at all. But it came, it came! Mommy says it's beautiful. 

I'm so thrilled wedding plans are oh-so-slowly coming together. I'm about as disorganized and indecisive as they come, so to know that we're making progress is a huge relief. Stay tuned for more to come in the next 7 months!

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  1. we went to the same exact resort for our honeymoon!! :)

    sounds like the planning is coming along great!
    wishing you lots of luck and love in the months to come <3