What I'm Learning About Love

Despite the oh-so-serious state of things in the engagement of Chuck & Kaity, the truth is, we really haven't been together that long. We've been dating a little over a year and we've just begun living together. Like, real living together. Not  "We're living in his hometown so he spends the days at his parents' house and the nights in my apartment". We're in a new apartment, in a new city with only each other to keep ourselves company.

Needless to say, we're still acclimating. In such close quarters and with no other social outlet, it doesn't take much for annoyance and irritation to set in. It's been weird having separately together lives. And because we're no longer an LDR, the butterflies and excitement of a new relationship are slowly starting to fade. As we talked about it tonight, it's almost as if we're nailing shut the coffin in the first chapter of our relationship, and starting to become a more legitimate couple.

Things haven't been fun 100% of the time. Between grad school stress (me), new job anxiety (him), wedding planning (well, let's face it, me) and shitty finances we've got enough outside chaos to make a couple lovebirds cray cray. With every sarcastic comment, with every cold shoulder and with every bodily function I convince myself that this is going to be the straw that broke the camel's back. He's going to finally have had it with me. He's going to see my hormonal, bitchy, ugly side and start running for the hills. He's going to realize I'm not the girl he thought I was and jump ship.

But then, he doesn't. 

Instead, he tells me I'm being annoying. And then tells me he loves me. I guess this is just another lesson learned in the Universe's Book about Love. Love is when your fiance of five months is bewildered and hurt when you come in slamming shit around after he worked to make you dinner, when he is rejected when seeking out affection, when he changes his entire way of life for you to little gratitude...and yet, oddly enough, he sees past it and still wants to meet you at the altar September 2, 2012.

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