Dear Crosby (On Your 3rd Birthday)

Dear Crosby,

Today is your third birthday and I simply cannot believe my baby boy is no longer a baby. In fact, you adamantly refute the label every time by shouting, “I not a baby! I’m Crosby!” I swore, the first year and a half after your birth felt like the longest span of time in my life. Having you and your brother so close together was hard work for Mommy and Daddy. Of course, now that this day has come, I’m not quite sure where the time has gone.

In the past year, you have shed your baby fat and become a little human to be reckoned with. It seems everything that Charlie managed to avoid in his twos and threes, you’ve been determined to let us experience. You have just about the loudest and most terrifying scream ever. Thankfully, you’re very good at calming yourself down when it gets a little out of hand.

From the moment of your (late) arrival to this world, you’ve wanted nothing more than to be held by your Mama. I affectionately refer to you as my “koala baby” because you’ve always preferred to cling to me versus anything else. I’ve never been much for physical affection, but you slowly turned me into a cuddlebug. These days, I’m finding myself seeking YOU out for hugs!

Little one, you are as sweet as they come and everyone who knows you falls head over heels for your adorable temperament. We named you “Crosby” because we wanted your name to reflect your Daddy's and my mutual love of music. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is one of your Mommy’s favorite bands so the name just stuck. It would seem that your name was a self-fulfilling prophecy because you have delighted in music your entire life. You love dance parties with Mommy and jamming out on your guitar and djembe any time we have music playing in the house.

You are so much like your Daddy it blows us away. You have his lips, his “Stuckert brow,” and his huge-hearted personality. Your life has given me the gift of better understanding the man I married 7 years ago. I’m so thankful for that.

Crosby, I know that being 20 months younger than your big brother will bring its challenges. You are destined to a life of hand-me-downs and trying to keep up. But here is what I know about you- you will not for one second let it get you down. You have the most adventurous, down-for-anything zeal for life that is completely unmatched. Charlie may have been the first, but you my love, are the piece that makes our puzzle complete. I can’t imagine life without your light in the world.

Your Daddy and I love you more than we can say. Enjoy Year 3, my love. You are bound for tremendous and wonderful things!


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