WHAT I WORE: On Marie Kondo, my latest fix and PinkBlush

I posted a selfie to my Instagram the other day taken from my office bathroom (because I'm classy like that). I liked the outfit I happened to be wearing that day and since I love seeing what other working women wear to the office, I thought someone might like to see what I wear to my 9-to-5 (well, 8-4, but that's much less catchy).

Now that we're a two-income family again, I'm replenishing my wardrobe for the first time since college. Most of my go-to outfits are either really worn-in or are a bit too juvenile. I need a wardrobe that fits 30-year-old-working-in-the-financial-industry Kaity and not 20-year-old-thinks-she's-a-bohemian Kaity.


So full confession before I launch into my dissertation on how much I love Marie Kondo and her life-changing, magical approach to tidying: I have never actually read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. A few nights ago, I was scouring Netflix for my new binge-worthy show. I recently finished up my months-long Brooklyn 99 marathon and needed something to fill the void. I've heard all about Marie Kondo's book and the topic definitely sounded interesting, but as a fairly tidy and organized person I really didn't feel like I stood to gain anything from it. However, my deep-dive into the Enneagram led me to discovering that Marie Kondo and I are the same Enneagram type (Type 1: Reformer). I was excited to have found my celebrity, perfectionist soulmate so I gave her show a try and I loved it so stinkin' much.

I was only a few episodes in when I declared that it was time to tidy! I mean, what else am I going to do while Ohio is buried in snow every weekend? I started off in the bathroom- filling up a trash bag's worth of old headbands, unused beauty products, dried up nail polishes, and expired medicine (among other things). Our linen closet has never been neater!

Next, I moved onto clothing. While I generally make a Goodwill donation every few months, it was time to face up to my wardrobe the Konmari way! I took every single item out of my closet and dresser and laid it on my bed. I did what Marie suggested- held every item one-by-one and determined whether it sparked joy for me. I was surprised by how much I eliminated because I realized that they neither sparked joy, or made me feel good when I wore them! I think I got rid of a third of my total wardrobe!

Chuck and I moved onto our bookshelf before we finally called it quits and filled a box for donation with about half of our total book collection. I love the liberating feeling of ridding my house of all the things that have ceased bringing me joy.


This month, I also took the plunge and had another Stitch Fix delivered. You may remember that my last fix back in August was a total flop. I wound up losing my $20 styling fee because I didn't like a single thing and returned every item in my box. However, I've been in dire need of some more cold weather work attire. Between working full-time and being snowed in with my babies on the weekends, ain't nobody have time to shop! Fortunately, Stitch Fix mailed a promo that waived my styling fee if I scheduled my January fix, so I decided to take my chances.

My stylist nailed it (phew!). This may have been my favorite fix yet. Here's what I got:

Kinglake Mixed Material Top 
Eva Straight Leg Pant

I didn't love this top when I saw it on the box, but I gave it a chance. Although it was a size S, it felt huge and tent-like on me. The pants I loved in the box. My stylist noticed I had a pair of olive-colored slacks on my Pinterest wishlist and thought I might like these. I loved that she picked up on that because I've been wanting a pair of olive pants! Unfortunately, the fit was all wrong. They fit in the waist, but the butt and legs were too baggy for my liking. (I carry my weight around my middle, so this is frequently a difficulty in finding pants that fit!)

Regina Hacci Knit Dress
Kala Suede Wedge Bootie

I specifically requested a pair of nude wedges or booties and my stylist knocked it out of the park with these Toms. Normally, I'd never spend $90 on a pair of shoes, but I fully support the Toms brand and their mission in helping those in need. The dress was so me- cute and cozy is the name of my game!

Kaia Cocoon Cardigan

I overlooked the fact that the armpits were baggier than I prefer, because the color of this cardigan was perfection and once again- the coziness factor won out.


I was recently gifted a dress from PinkBlush. Although their specialty is making absolutely adorable maternity clothes, they also carry women's clothing in both regular and plus-sizes. I picked out the Yellow Floral Crisscross Back Dress. It's so stinkin' warm and cozy for these chilly winter months. I also love that it can be worn as a regular dress or a maternity dress. We aren't planning on reproducing any time soon, but I love the that I have the option! 

This was my first time wearing something from PinkBlush and I was really impressed by the quality. I've been burned in the past by cheaply-made clothes that I bought from an online boutique, but suffice to say that I'll be shopping with PinkBlush again. I also love the Navy Solid Pocketed Dress and Mint Green Button Front Midi Dress for the office!

After I shared my work selfie, it seemed that there was a consensus between me and a few other friends that we enjoy looking at what normal women are wearing to work versus fashion bloggers and influencers whose clothing choices feel too unattainable. I think I'd like to try more consistently sharing the new pieces I'm incorporating into my wardrobe and my journey to dressing like an actual adult.

P.S. If you'd like a $25 credit toward your first Stitch Fix delivery, feel free to use my referral link!

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