32 BEFORE 32: Six Month Check-In

This blog has basically been a virtual ghost town for the last two months. With working full-time and studying for my upcoming licensing exam, I just haven't had the time (or mental energy) to keep my blog updated. I've been missing my little corner of the internet something fierce lately and was happy to see that my 32 Before 32 check-in was scheduled for this week so I would have a reason to hit "publish."

I'm actually surprised at how much I've crossed off my list in the last 6 months with little effort. I love how the universe just works these things out.

32 Before 32: A 2-Year Bucket List

1. Take an international trip

2. Host a foreign exchange student

3. Pay off a student loan

4. Return to work full-time COMPLETE! (June 4, 2018) | It was a bittersweet goodbye to my part-time marketing job in May. Mostly, because I worked alongside a really good friend of mine and I'm still sad that I don't get to see her every day. However, I was mentally ready to end my Stay-at-Home-Mom season and we were both financially ready to be a two-income household again!

5. Visit a new state

6. Convert attic to a fourth bedroom

7. Take an anniversary trip | Although we did spend a night in Louisville, KY during Labor Day weekend for our 6th anniversary, I'm not counting it because it was the shortest trip ever.

8. Adopt a four-legged friend 

9. Run a half marathon

10. Replace our back porch

11. Visit Frankie's grave

12. Attend a cooking class

13. Pay off all credit cards (1/3) IN PROGRESS | We made a final payment to one of Chuck's credit cards in April and it felt so good to have that checked off our list!

14. Renovate our kitchen

15. Get a fourth tattoo

16. Take a family camping trip 

17. Update my wardrobe

18. Add a railing to our front porch COMPLETE! (October 23, 2018) | Our good friend literally just put in our front porch railing this week!! I'm so happy to have this checked off our list (and even more glad that it's done before Halloween so we don't have any trick-or-treaters tumbling off our porch)!

19. Try 10 new restaurants (1/10) IN PROGRESS | The first restaurant we checked off the list was Thai 9 in Dayton for my 30th birthday.

20. Enroll Charlie in preschool COMPLETE! (June 2018) | Charlie started attending preschool twice a week last month and he loves it!

21. Landscape our front yard

22. Meet a blogging friend

23. Plan something for Chuck's 30th birthday

24. Purchase a minivan

25. Take a photography class

26. Pay off all medical bills from Crosby's birth (1/3) IN PROGRESS

27. Run a race in 3 different states (0/3)

28. Visit the American Sign Museum

29. Paint and finish decorating our master bedroom IN PROGRESS | I finally painted it back in August when the boys were in NY visiting their grandparents, but I still haven't finished hanging decor.

30. Take the boys to an amusement park

31. Visit Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills

32. Attend a concert COMPLETE! (July 13, 2018) | My sister-in-law was sweet enough to invite me along to see Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert perform at Riverbend in Cincinnati. Honestly, I haven't consistently listened to country music in several years, but I was happy to tag along. If I could choose any country singer to see perform, it would be Miranda Lambert. I just adore her and Gunpowder and Lead is my jam. I had a blast and I would love to see her in concert again!

 > > >

Not too shabby for my first six months. Be sure to check back in April when I check in on the rest of my progress in my 30th year!

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