It is absolutely unreal to me that my last post sharing blogger love was back in October. Then again, life has been jam-packed these last few months and I simply haven't been spending as much time in blogger land as of late. That being said, even during the busy times when I'm not posting as much, I'm still trying to keep up with my favorite bloggers.

Here are some of my favorite posts from other bloggers in the last eight-ish months. Obviously, there's a lot of ground to cover in 8 months, so I've broken them down into three different categories. Enjoy!

BLOGGER LOVE: My favorite posts from the last 8 months


What I'll Never Forget about Life in the NICU by Nadine Rebecca

I love nearly everything Nadine writes and wish that I still lived in Philly so we could be Mom friends. But I especially loved this post she wrote giving a glimpse into what her life was like for the first weeks of her son's life in the NICU.

Owning my Truth: Why I Left the Mormon Church by itsAlyx

I love reading about other people's faith journeys because my own has been so all over the place and riddled with questions. I thought Alyx's post about why she left the Mormon church was so brave and commendable.

The Particular Fear of Someone Else's Car by Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey. Where do I even begin with Sarah Bessey? She could write a limerick about gas station bathrooms and find a way to make it beautiful. This post hit so close to home as a Mom. But especially as a Mom who got herself into some potentially dangerous situations as a young adult.

Our Stalemate by the florkens

This post broke my heart. It's a less common kind of grief, but Kate so beautifully puts words to a difficult situation in her marriage. I was floored by her honesty and vulnerability. Although I usually am floored by most of her posts because she's such a talented writer.


Ultimate Guide for the Best Christmas Markets in Europe by Helene in Between

On the very top of my travel bucket lists are the Christmas markets in Germany and Austria. So obviously, I bookmarked this post to save for later!

A Student Loan Forgiveness Program Isn't a Good Strategy by Making Sense of Cents

It feels so silly to admit this, but this post actually played a part in my desire to pursue a career in finance. I've worked in nonprofits and government jobs since I graduated college and I always assumed that I would utilize the Public Loan Forgiveness Program to help me pay off my loans. This post made so much sense to me and I realized that it just didn't make sense for me to hold out for this program to bail me out, rather than just putting on my big girl panties and paying my debt off as quickly as possible.

Practically Radical Vol. 1: Foster Care Support and Practically Radical v.2: Supporting City Schools by Riedys Breaking Rules

Chelsea and I cheered together my freshman year of college and her husband, Nate, and I were fellow Poli Sci nerds together at Eastern. The Riedys are such a great couple and their blog is totally one to follow. They're constantly striving toward self-betterment and making a positive impact in their community and in the world. They started this series to share practical ways that people can give back to their own community and it's so darn good!

The Best Age for a Trip to Disney World by Our Darling Adventure

This is something I've thought a lot about because I cannot wait until we get to take the boys to Disney World. This was a guest post by a Disney travel agent and it was chock full of tips for traveling to Disney with kids of all ages!


15 Favorite IKEA Purchases by North Carolina Charm

I mean, who doesn't love IKEA?! And I especially loved this post because it gave me ideas of little IKEA hacks that I could use in our own house.

DIY Home Projects: Updates on How They've Held Up by Whimsical September

Another house post. What can I say? I love seeing how people decorate their homes!

Let's Be Mermaids: L + P's 3rd Birthday Party by Fueling Mamahood

I met Lindsey when we were both contributors to the Dayton Moms Blog. We've both left DMB since then, but I love keeping up with her adorable family. The birthday party that she threw for her twin girls at Goldfish Swim School-Dayton was beyond cute and was what inspired me to start planning Crosby's birthday there in September! (Also, you should go check out Lindsey's Instagram. She is seriously killing it on Insta!)

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What bloggers have you been loving lately?

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  1. I love these posts. Id read a few before (florkens, Nadine's, Helene) but I love finding new blogs.