Three years ago, after 24 hours of natural labor that led us to believe we would most assuredly have a Christmas baby on our hands, our Charlie Davis was born just after 2:00 AM on December 26, 2014.

Charlie definitely has an independent, stubborn streak as is to be expected at this age. But more often than not, I genuinely love his company. He is so smart, funny and picks up things so quickly! At his three-year doctor's appointment, his doctor commented on how well-developed his vocabulary is and how well he carries on a conversation. It's true- this kid is smart as a whip!

For Christmas, he received a Tow Mater Power Wheel from Mommy and Daddy and this kitchen from Santa. He's been driving his tow truck around the house ever since!

Charlie's 3-Year Interview

Favorite TV Show: "Blippi" on YouTube
Favorite pastime(s): Playing with his cars
Favorite color: "Yellow"
Favorite food: "Hamburgers" (His actual favorite food is chicken nuggets. Shocker.)
Favorite book: He loves Little Critter- Just Go to Bed, Just for You, and Just Me and My Mom are a few of his favorites. He also got Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site for Christmas and that's quickly become a favorite.
Favorite animal: "A horse, and a giraffe, and a piggy!"
Favorite sport: Swimming and riding his bike
Favorite movie: He still loves the Despicable Me series

Nickname(s): Char, Char Bar
Best friend(s): "Dessie. She's a good kid!" (Dessie is my co-worker/friend); His actual best friends are his cousin Lucie, and his friends Ty and Jaxon from daycare
When I grow up, I want to be: "A garbageman"
What I sleep with at night: His "cubes" (a sippy cup of ice water) and his flashlight

Above all, Charlie is just so much fun and such a great kid. I honestly had no idea just how close he and Crosby were until our house got hit by the flu and they weren't allowed to play together. He miserably watched TV by himself and kept asking me about Crosby and saying he missed him. It was the most precious and pitiful thing ever.

He's a good sleeper. Every night, we brush our teeth, put on pajamas, get our "cubes," and read three books together. He loves his bedtime routine and although he always asks for "one more" book, he dutifully climbs into bed and lets us tuck him in after we're done with the third. On the other hand, he's not a great eater. He's never had a big appetite and is extremely picky. He could eat chicken nuggets for just about every meal. He rarely eats what we're eating and honestly, I'm not about to fight with him on it so he gets what he wants more times than not.

My part-time work schedule is kind of the best. It allows me more days at home with him, which I think we all love, but also gets him out of the house 3 days a week to play with other kids which he also really enjoys. Since his birthday falls during the holidays, we aren't planning to start pre-school until the Fall. I'm in no rush to end our days together!

Charlie Davis, I simply adore you and look forward to the next six months of fun. You make your Mommy so ridiculously happy and I hope you never forget that. I love you.

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