On Marriage Goals + Day Dates in Cincinnati

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On Chuck and my fourth wedding anniversary last year, I was a week overdue with Crosby. We scrapped any ideas for a fancy date night (we had wrongly assumed we'd have a baby in our arms by this point) and grabbed a quick slice of pizza the next town over. We discussed the fourth year of our marriage: what we did well together and what we thought we could do better from then on. We decided that going into year five, our goal would be to make monthly date nights a priority. Of course, having two kids under two, this goal was easier said than done.

Perhaps the best symbol of this is the fact that just a couple weeks ago, we finally used the movie theater gift card we received for Christmas...nine months ago.

We had the boys' grandparents take them off our hands for a few hours and drove down to Cincinnati. On our way to the movies, we stopped by the newly remodeled deli at the Kroger Marketplace in Newport, Kentucky. We each got a $5 Chicken Co meal deal and Coca-Cola® and grabbed a table at their in-store seating area.

It was the oddest feeling having lunch together without any children to shush or re-position in high chairs. We felt completely liberated. We talked too loudly, laughed obnoxiously and had the best time. After we finished our meal, we drove a quick 5 minutes to Newport on the Levee to watch a new movie. Although we were ambivalent about the film, we relished the just-the-two-of-us time.

It was nothing fancy, though fancy isn't really our style anyway. But it was the perfect reminder that you don't need to spend much to enjoy some quality marriage time. If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive date night, check out the meal deals at the Newport Kroger (and pay no mind to the too-loud couple at the table next to you!).

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