Photo Every Hour | July 2017

I've never actually had the discipline to do a "photo every hour" or "day in the life" post before. I've taken a few pictures in the morning, and then as the day goes on, I get distracted with life and neglect to keep it going.

After my friend Suzanne, posted one last week, it got me thinking that I really need to commit. Not only do I love looking at how other Moms of littles spend their days, but it occurred to me, that this is something I'll probably really love to look back on years down the road when my boys are both grown.

Before I share, I feel like I need to offer up some kind of disclaimer. In our house, we don't really have "typical" days. The boys do operate on a schedule, but I work outside of the house 3 days/week, as well as co-managing my local Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings. So usually, I have two days per week at home with the boys plus Sundays which are family days. The rest of the time, they're at home with a babysitter. Obviously, I chose to document one of the days when I was actually home with them. So, with all that being said, here's what life in our home looks like:

Photo Every Hour: July 2017

7:00 AM | The boys usually wake up between 6:30-7:00 AM. I went upstairs and fed Crosby first, then changed his diaper and got him dressed. Since he's been sleeping through the night more lately, I also pumped after his feeding so I can have enough bottles for the days when I'm working outside of the house. I made coffee and then got Charlie changed and dressed.

8:00 AM | I make the three of us some breakfast- scrambled eggs, toast and oranges. We watched some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, I showered and put a load of laundry in the washer.

9:00 AM | Time for Crosby's first nap of the day! As soon as I laid him down in his crib, I got to work on some Farmers' Market stuff. I sent out a weekly email, responded to some emails, and scheduled some social media posts, among other things. (All while I served as a "horsey" for Charlie).

10:00 AM | I continued working and Charlie puttered around the house. He sat on the front porch for a little while watching cars and even got to see the street sweeper!

11:00 AM | Crosby woke up, and once he was fed and changed, I switched the laundry, and loaded the boys up in our double stroller to walk downtown to the bank and the library.

12:00 PM | We played in the library for about an hour and then walked home for a quick lunch of tuna fish for Crosby and me, and PB&J for Charlie.

1:00 PM | Once both boys were fed, it was time for naptime: round 2! Charlie finished first, so I got him settled into bed and then put Crosby down in his crib.

2:00 PM | I folded the boys' laundry and then worked on some blog stuff for a while.

3:00 PM | I caught up on reading blogs and continued working on my own blog stuff.

4:00 PM | I laid down in bed for a little while. I don't think I actually fell asleep before Crosby woke up, but it was nice just to rest for a bit.

5:00 PM | Charlie woke up and "needed cuddles" before we both went and got Crosby out of his room. Once the boys were both awake, we played for awhile. We played peek-a-boo in Crosby's room, and then went downstairs to play with toys in Charlie's room.

6:00 PM | After we played for awhile, Daddy got home from work around 6:30 PM. Both boys were super excited to see their Daddy Bear! Once he was home, we all piled into the car and headed to Aldi for a few dinner fixins.

7:00 PM | We got home, made dinner, and then put Crosby to bed.

8:00 PM | Charlie was allowed to stay up past his bedtime to watch "Moana" with Daddy and me.

9:00 PM | Moana, wine, and chocolate (despite his best efforts, Charlie was not allowed in on the vino action)

10:00 PM | Daddy passed out watching the movie, so I brushed Charlie's teeth, read him his requisite three books, and tucked him into bed. Then it was lights out for Mommy!

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