41 Weeks

Last week, Crosby hit a bit of a milestone- 41 weeks old. It seems a little of a random number except that he was at 41 weeks gestation when he was born. My baby boy has officially been out of the womb longer than he was in it! Rereading that makes me sound a bit crazy, but as a Mama, I like to think I have the liberty of celebrating each and every milestone, no matter how silly it may seem.

I remember feeling so antsy and impatient for Crosby to make his arrival. Everyone had told me my second baby would come early so I took my maternity leave a week early. My Mom arrived to help me with the baby and she nearly missed him before she had to return home to go back to work. As babies do, Crosby arrived on his own time. And when I jokingly posted to Facebook that I hoped he wouldn't be born on Labor Day because well, of all the "Labor Day" jokes that would ensue, I obviously sealed his fate.

My sweet seven-pound bundle of joy came the morning of Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) after about 9 hours of labor. He was eight days past his due date.

Now that I've had the sincere blessing of getting to know my Crosby Loren over the past nine-ish months, it all makes perfect sense. They say that how babies are in the womb will predict their personalities outside and I'm a total believer. Crosby was never quite as active as Charlie in utero. He made me sicker (which led me to believe he might be a girl), but I think may have been an indication of his sickeningly sweet temperament. He has yet to start crawling, preferring to move at his own speed- much like he did with labor. And above all, he is a lover and cuddler to his core. This beautiful boy loves on anyone and everyone, but Mama will always be his favorite. I think he took his time coming in to the world because he was just plain cozy.

If Crosby Loren had a spirit animal, I swear it would be a koala bear. Completely content to just cling to its Mama and spend the hours sleeping and snacking on eucalyptus. While Charlie has so many of my physical attributes and personality traits, Crosby might as well be Chuck Jr. In the way his sparkling blue eyes slope slightly downward at the corners. In the way, he just wants to love and snuggle on everyone. In the way he lights up for practically everyone and radiates joy and goodness. He is his father's son 100% and I fall more in love with him every day because of it.

These 41 weeks have been the slowest and fastest of my life. I can't wait to see what the next 41 will bring me.

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